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    Mr.Jack's way from newbie to higher level

    Hello everyone.
    I'm Mr.Jack, 21 year old and I'm new on this forum and in this game.
    Let me tell you some basic info about myself:
    I'm universty student, extrovert, friendly with everyone. I have big "friend circle" where are more girls in than boys. Lets say, when I'm in university for lecture, I have more girls around me speaking with, than boys.
    But... Here is some important information... Number of my games is 0. This means no girlfriends, no s*x, no kissing (and now I feel so shame!).
    Maybe you will ask, but Why?
    -Because, i have low confidence (always I think that, "this" girl will not go out with guy like me). I'm afraid to pull the fcken trigger. You can see that my mindset is so negative. Always I think that Looks is the MOST important thing in all of this (btw i'm chubby/low grade fat guy).
    Apparently I need some basics of this game but I don't know from where to start, so I need you.

    I need to learn how to hold conversation with girls that i like (because, im different guy when I speak to my female friends and with girls that i like). I'm so relaxed with friends, but more confused when I'm near the "target" and I feel like I don't know what to say.

    From where to start guys? Videos, books, forum threads?

    Thanks advanced !!


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    Actually you’ve come to the right place man! You need to start by getting a routine stack and memorizing it. Next you’ll need to get your delivery in line to where you are congruent with the material. Finally, you need to work on your body language and your calibration. Good luck 😊

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