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    a new pickup and seduction discord

    hello guys, for a very long time I was wondering why a discord channel for pick up and seduction does not exist. and finally decided to do it myself, and you guys are very welcome to join!

    what the discord offers : our bots automatically post the best reddit posts of all the pickup reddits.

    our bots automatically share youtube links whenever one of the best pickup youtubers uploads a video.

    you can ask for advice or give advice to the other members

    you can speak to the other members in the voice chat

    big names in the pua community: message the management in order to gain a "role" in the discord

    feel free to join us here:

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    In 2014, Julien Blanc was kicked off planet fucking earth for less then noble pickup tactics. SJWs and angry feminists with mustaches were raging. If it were males pissed about something, zero fucks are given but, if a woman can play into the role of victimhood, all hell will break loose. Discretion goes a long way.

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