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    Mar 2017
    Night 29

    Location: Vegas Club

    Approaches: 10

    Kiss Closes: 1

    Tonight was probably my most solid night of game so far.

    I hooked almost every set with my routine set, and almost every set lasted like 20 minutes. Just DHV story after story after story.

    I isolated 3 different girls. Not really sure if the isolation was luck or skill, because I didn't do much different, but my delivery and vibe were on point so that might be part of it.

    End up getting a few solid numbers (texted back) and made out with a girl.

    Thoughts and Sticking Points

    1. Ok, so my open/transitions/DHV stories are killin it. But the interactions are still a bit "nicey nice". Need to figure out how to add negs/teasing ext in there to really pump the buying temperature.

    2. My isolations happened when I really just went for it. "Hey, come check out the pool area with me". But again, not sure if it was luck of the numbers that they weren't like "no I have to stay with my friends" or if it was because my delivery was rock solid that night.

    -The Machine

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    Night 30

    Location: Vegas Club

    Approaches: 18

    Kiss Closes: 3

    Great night tonight! Had a friend (girl) in town and my non-pickup friend went out with us as well.

    I got drunk, and my routines were hittin hard, even harder than usual because my state was great because I was a bit drunk. Escalated quickly for makeouts.

    It was also cool just going out and being able to makeout with these girls with my friends right there. It really makes you feel like the MAN haha.

    Anyway, I just wrote like 4 of these, so not going to go super deep into it. Things have been going well, but I really want to get back into setting specific goals for the night and really focusing on one thing or another.

    Till next time..

    -The Machine

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    Mar 2017
    Night 31

    Location: Vegas Club

    Approaches: 12

    A little tired and hung over today, but went out anyway.

    I wasn't hooking as well as I normally do, but when I do hook, I have a TON of shit to say. I've been working on my stories/routines in the mirror, so it's nice never really running out of shit to say. Like, I'll be 10 minutes into the set and just be scanning my brain for another routine, think of one, and just go with it. I realized once you have a set hooked, a lot of times you can just stack a routine without even a real transition. Just say "that reminds me" and go into it, even if the last conversation element had nothing to do with it.

    Thoughts and Sticking Points

    1. The later it gets, the more high energy you have to be. I went through a stretch in the night where I couldn't get sets to open because it was too late and I wasn't going in strong.

    2. I have a TON of stories, but need to work on implementing other types of routines into my arsonal.

    Got my bootcamp coming up in a week, so I'm really hoping that's going to give my game a good boost.

    Till next time...

    -The Machine

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    Hey man i was today sarge and... AA kill me I was practice too late coze 30 min before I go to club (50 miles by car so i practice in my car too) two openers direct and indirect.

    I have too small doses of sarge/practice. I MUST MAN DO SOMETHING WITH ME I CAN'T OPEN!!! (i plan just like you 7 day go sarge a week//////// or minimum four -coze i have too small progres i once try open direct today but it was too laud there dance floor is truly a trap )and this situation is repeated over and over again sick!. So i must do something different.=OPEN THE FUCKIN SET.

    I trow into trash my one opener coze i must know what i will be used one only one. I'm ready even kill this opener used over and over again, today i was thinking direct or indirect and i was in dilemma.

    I time ago i was having something like "better man" in my phone from Neil Strauss the mission to do I was doing it but i was give up i was angry that i don't have more material so i was open and go with this to nowhere but now i have beautiful stack but most important thing i cant OPEN and this stack its big so I don't remember them all only beginning. Time is passing and i sit in this same position now i regret i don't do this missions it was great thing.

    I was thinking myself man i want be rejected COZE I'M REJECTING myself even before she rejected ITS HORRIBLE, i have today like situation that siting two set ALL HB giving me invitation by Waving hands i was not sure that its for me at first but when i look again this HB's do it again and again so I WAS DOING WHAT I ALWAYS DO, IGNORE IT AND DON'T LOOK AT ALL i was so scared like always i dont know man whats is wrong with me i so scared HB's I think this is brutal truth for now i lock in my fears but i must do something with it i thing even bootcamp dont help me coze i was in one and when it occur i was opening doing A2 but this was very basic again i was angry that they give me so small portion of canned material and it was so basic that even "the better man" app was better. BC occur i was doing great in BC . I go home and start working on stack it was hard like hell but I make it, I have it, and i'm for now in rabbit hole with AA complete paralysis me.

    For me its serious thing i can do it everthing repair a car do/learn complicatedly things, even start my own business and a CAN'T fucken open HB's its hurt like hell, I must seriously do something with it!!!!.

    I'm very jealous at your 1.125 of approaches when did you start doing this thing i mean when it was your first set I mean in this year or 2016???

    I forgot this two(Waving hands) HB give me today very near proximity in dance floor later and AI but in this position i was trying say direct opener and this maybe was even a 5-minutes and i don't. There was laud but what was my problem??? WHY I SHUT MYSELF BEFORE SHE SHUT ME or maybe she will not shut me and this can be a big surprise i will never know I'm so angry at myself.


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    I'm Back...

    Had my first VA bootcamp last weekend! VERY impressed... more about that below. Then had some family business to take care of, so just reporting on it now.

    XsPoison, so for my 1,125 approaches, I started in December, so it's been about 4 months. And dude, I'd HIGHLY recommend a bootcamp if you haven't taken one already, it cleared a TON of things up for me. Then just set weekly approach goals and make your goals hitting number of approaches until you get in a rhythm. Then you can focus on higher level goals like testing different routines ext.

    Anyway, here's my opinion on the bootcamp...

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    Mar 2017
    Bootcamp: Nights 32, 33, 34 and Days 42, 43, 44

    Total Approaches: 200 (estimated)

    Kiss Closes: 5

    Pulls: 3

    F Closes: 1

    This bootcamp was incredible.

    I've taken bootcamps with other companies, but this one blows all them out of the water. I had Al as the instructor, and he was phenomenal. Here's 4 reasons why I absolutely trust this guy with my pickup journey:

    Why I Trust Al as a Coach

    1. He Doesn't "Theory Monologue"
    One of the first things he told us was "I'm not going to spend a lot of time on theory." This SPOKE to me. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask a coach a very "what do I do in this situation" and they go on this theory rant on "evolutionary psychology" and "social dynamics". Al basically said "you don't need to know how electricity works to use it, you just have to know that it works". 100% true. He was VERY specific in telling me exactly what to do.

    2. He Has Mad Game
    This sounds obvious...but you'd be suprised how many "coaches" aren't actually good at pickup... they just know all the theory and talk a lot. There were multiple times I'd be stalling out in set and he would come in, and within 1 minute the girls were eating out of his was incredible to see in person.

    3. He Has Proof of His Students Success
    There was this guy there named Cloud, he used to be Al's student, and now he's helping out as a coach. And he's also phenomenal. The first day I'm watching his Snapchat story, and it's just DIME after DIME after DIME...and he backed it up infield. He was closing bombshell girls. Consistently. And not 7's. 9's and 10's. I don't think I saw him get blown out one single time. And he's not super good looking or anything. Just rock solid game. Then I met another of Al's former students later on, and saw him run rock solid game on two different sets in the bar. So not only is Al a great PUA, but he has proof that he's also a great COACH.

    4. He Cares About You
    Some people you can just tell have love for you. And truly want you to succeed. I felt this 100%. This guy really cares about his students.

    My Experience

    They call it bootcamp for a reason. It was exhausting. The entire time we were learning routines, storytelling, delivery, body language, and of course, going out.

    One night I pulled TWO sets out of the bar to get pizza with a wing. TWO! Unfortunately, I was staying in a shared room in an Air B and B, and they lived too far away, so we couldn't complete the pull, but I was really proud of my game. It was actually SOLID GAME. Like, I felt myself go through the opening, attraction, qualification, and comfort.

    The next night I got a hotel room and pulled a girl back after 2 hours infield.

    I can't wait to really drill in all these routines/negs/stories. Since everything was so fast, it was still hard to call up stories and think of them fast enough. But it STILL got results. I think if I really master these and ingrain them, it's going to be scary what results I'm going to be getting 3 months from now.

    Biggest Things I Learned

    1. Negs and Microcalibration are HUGE
    I don't know why, but I've always thought about Negs as an after thought. Like, "oh yea, you throw in a couple negs here and there." But you actually use negs in almost every single set, and you use them a lot. And most of the game at the beginning is reading IOI's and IOD's and responding in an appropriate way.

    2. Use AI's for Your Wing Early
    I've always used AI's (accomplishment intro's) for my wing AS he's entering the set. This works alright, but if you AI your wing before he even comes in (say, "yea, we're just out here celebrating because (cool thing about wing)) it's AMAZING how smooth the entrance is. The girls will start asking him if "he's the guy who ___" and it makes him AND you look cool, because you're friends with a high value guy.

    3. Delivery is Huge
    I thought I had pretty good delivery. Then I heard what really good delivery sounds like. And that perception gap was huge to see in person. And some of my stories sounded good to me, but he pointed out a lot of my DHV's were really DLV's because of the situation I was presenting.

    4. Details Matter a Lot
    Al would correct us word for word on the opener. Literally if we said "you have A good energy" instead of "you seem like you have good energy" he would stop us and correct us. At first this seems unnecessary, but it's an ATTITUDE you have to develop. If he wouldn't have done that, it would have likely slowly morphed from "good energy" to "a good vibe" to "you guys seem cool" to "you have a cool dress" ext. Get it EXACTLY right, do it 100 times, and THEN if it morphs a bit it's ok because you've drilled it in the right way.

    Going On From Here
    So at the end of the bootcamp, Al set me up with a plan of attack for the next few months. Here's the plan:

    1. Approach 4 Days a Week

    This surprised me. I thought he was going to say every day. But he said you days off to let everything sink in. And on top of that, you want to make sure every time you go out you're REALLY focused on improving something SPECIFIC. I know in the past when I'm going out 6 days a week, it's so tiring that a lot of nights I end up just kind of going through the motions and "getting my approaches in" instead of really focusing on an area of improvement.

    2. Do A Video Pre and Post Going Out
    Basically, do a prep video of what I'm going to work on for the night, where I'm going, how I'm feeling, my thoughts, ext. Then do one RIGHT after the club on what went well and what didn't. So my posts on here are going to be much less in depth from now on. I don't really want to make the videos public, and to do video AND written journal would be a lot... So I'll probably just post a weekly recap here from now on.

    3. Work Routines and Interrupt Track
    20 minutes of storytelling delivery every day. Then run routines WHILE I'm doing other things (like making breakfast). That way I can practice running routines while other things are going on, just like in a club where I'm going to have to run routines while there's loud music playing, interrupt's happening, ext. Then, one of the coolest things is the "interrupt track". Basically, you create a voice memo track where you wait 10 seconds then say something a girl would possibly say like "um, we're having a girls night out". Then I have to respond with an appropriate response and stack forward. Then 10 seconds later there's another interrupt in the track with, for example, "That's so cool where are you from??" where I'd respond with an IOI to reward the behavior, and stack forward. Just a cool way to practice responding quickly.

    Anyway, I'm excited for what's to come! Till next time...

    -The Machine

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    I feel you dude, good effort, when I started I had same problem of runing out of things to say after which I eject. For me part of your sticking point is handling external/internal interrupts. I don't know my problem I've been gaming since last year, first set I opened I number closed, over a month now I find it hard to open these days, maybe cos am just recovering from oneitis, I fell for a girl I was gaming, and i messed things up, it was going well she was throwing iois but I just threw away the game (emotions came in) and I freestyled... I go out and I see sets but I can't open them like I use to, if I have a game plan or target of what to do when I see a set I get AA and my brain formats, I will be like what's my opener, what's my neg, what's my DHV. Am messedup right now. Thumbs up to you dude, wish you good luck.

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    awesome....i want to be your friend and i need some help from you.

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    Great thorough way of writing your FRs. I intend to model some of this for myself. Good stuff

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