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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    I met this girl on tinder and our first date goes amazingly well but i didn't kiss her. Second date we mini golf and I invite her to my hotel room. I make us drinks and we are watching TV. I finally kiss her after two hours, it was just a quick kiss. My heart went into overdrive. Another two hours go by and she kisses me. Midnight comes around and she says she needs to go, and leaves.

    I obviously knew this girl wanted to fuck but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Does this just come down to me growing some balls and going for it? How do I prevent this from ever happening again?

    I am beating myself up about it because there was no chance I was getting rejected and I still couldn't close.

    My other questions is, what do I do with this girl now since she is obviously disappointed in the fact that we didn't have sex. Do I just forget about her?

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    Next time go for the hit, and if she backs out or doesn't want to, just do a freeze-out.

    Honestly I've had a girl falling asleep in my bed (we were both a bit tipsy and apparently she had a boyfriend and I didn't know). The next time that happened, after having her in my bed I tried, got rejected and just brought up a blow up bed and threw it on the floor, told her I'm going to sleep there, and she begged me to get back in the bed with her resulting in a fuck-close.

    The best advice I can give is just have fun and give them hell, show them you don't want them, and you will be demonstrating so much higher value that they will be on you.

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    The problem I see:
    This is out of experience. You made too much of a big deal with the kiss. This is one of the biggest "tricks" or themes of pickup. Nothing should be a big deal. You have to kiss the girl on the first date. That's just how it is. Chances of taking things where you wanna go and really closing improves when you kiss her on the first date.

    In this case, I feel you have mistakenly taken kissing as part of seduction. Kissing is part of comfort. Thus, just a small kiss early on the first date gets the nerves over for you and her. After this, she is much more open to kissing and then french kissing and on and on. Everything comes down to escalation. It seems as if you stuck in one of the comfort phases. If you stay there too long and don't build more attraction, you are gonna fall into the Friend Zone.

    As for how you play it now:
    She is not as disappointed as you for not having sex. She could be somewhat more attracted because you didn't have sex. It builds the tension. Take her on a date, but not n traditional nice guy date with coffee and stuff. On this date, you should build sexual tension with things you say and do...

    Remember one last thing:

    Smiling always = Nice guy/Friendly

    Serious and smiling at the right times for the right things = Sexy.

    Be sexy. Not nice!!!


    Keep Rockin N Rollin man...

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    not to worry brother- take the positives! i commend you for getting her back to the room.

    You should have continued the kiss and starting some kino whilst in the kiss...pull out of kiss tell her she is a great kisser...recommence kissing and continue to escalate kino...tell her you're tired as hell and wanna get ready for bed...ask her if she wants to stay over... if she says yes then get undressed and back into bed lights off and continue..she should do the same. if not ask her if she always sleeps in her clothes...if she says no then say 'let me help you with that then...kiss and take off clothes...escalate...escalate..escalate. make little jokes about do you want me to fold these for you?

    then basically in dude. her in underwear in your bed tthe deal is almost closed...continue kino soft stroking of legs and stomach and tickle all around her puss but dont touch it yet...tease her!

    keep kissing and tickling then move to vaj continue to stroke through panties...then after a minute of so make your way down under panties. she will love. then all you have to do is slide your timber in her hot pocket.

    Next time youll boss it!

    She may say not to staying over when you ask her....just say ok thats cool but first you have to tuck me in, read me a goodnight story.. be jokey and not too serious about the whole situation...make her feel comfortable and make her laugh.

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    Don't overthink things man, 2 hours before you kiss her? Wait for an awkward silence and just go for it. And if a girl ever kisses you then you shouldn't stop until she does.\

    Just relax, she is probably confused why you didn't bang, invite her over again and it is a sure thing if she says yes.

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