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Don’t overthink PUA – Steve

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Read the forum post:

I was reading/studying in last 10 days A3 stuff and the result: I LOSTED, PLEASE HELP

In Mystery’s book “TMM how to get…”

There is “Screening” , “the hotseat game”, “Compliance”- if i good understood this thing is for KINO testing, ”Qualifiers”, SOI-statements of interests, ”Compliments” and of course Bait-hook-reel-Relese.

In A3 I know this I must use her interests combined with ”takeaways” and ”screening” to bait the target into demonstrating value of her own and intermittence-reward her, of course with frame control.

I know from Bruno that main point in A3 is 1-BHRR model,2-Reward with kino escalation,3-add BT spikes ,4-ISOLATION.

Problem for me is with is first thing i do and which is second and last i losted??????????????????????????

I mean I start in ”screening” ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” question or ”The hotseat game”??? or ”Qualifiers”????? or ”Compliments”???? LIKE I SAY I DON’T KNOW WHICH IS FIRST AND SECOND, WHICH ORDER I must do it??????????????

One thing I’m certain ”SOI” is on the and A3 and i reward in strong point in interaction target with touch/compliance test/kino test ex:”trust test”. 

Do you go with your stack with order i mean one this stuff second this third this etc…(i think answer is No) thats why i lost twice for now i really don’t understood A3 I m almost sick about that!!! In 10 days ago I want top up my stack in A3 stuff and go sarge but there is problem I don’t know order how to do it, in this weekend i will go even if my A3 will be not prepared this is too much work and none result sit at home and tried figure out this with book, maybe I discovered this in field. In my own errors. – See more at:


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One Response to "Don’t overthink PUA – Steve"
  1. JohnnyCage says:

    I wasn’t able to take my game to the next level until I could ‘Be in the Moment’ and not be so concerned with the next canned line out of my mouth. The best thing Steve said that worked for me its to start knowing what I was attracted so, seriously take 1 hour out of your time and write down what about women are you attracted to and then WHAT is attractive about you. You will define your target audience and your closure rate will increase because your only going to court women you are generally interested in not the next shinny object who will be a bad lay in bed.

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