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Staring at the screen. With the dry dick.

Approach that pretty girl who just walked past!

If there really aren’t any, you need to find places where they are. Girly places, yoga, universities, dance classes, shopping malls, night clubs. Wherever there is lots of money, that is where fertile sexy young women roam. Get your ass off the computer, shut off the TV (I do not watch TV) put down your smartphone for a second and take a look around you. I’ve travelled around the world hoping that the girls get hotter. Sometimes they do, but even in Prague, Amsterdam, or Mexico City, I’ve still needed to do work to get anything from women of value.
Why? because women always hold the value all you can do as a man, is present yourself in the best possible light. Women are programmed to slowly find reasons to disqualify you, while men are built to slowly find reasons to qualify her. Women, especially the pretty ones you want to have sex with, know they are pretty, thus, they only frequent places that are:
1. Safe
2.Fun (not slutty)
3.Female (group) friendly)
Safe. Sexy girls are kind of rare. That is why they get raped, and worry about it. Have you ever talked to a sexy girl? They get followed. Every day they go out, it is with the assumption that they could be assaulted, which here in the USA is very real. They are smaller and weaker than men, those are the kinds of girls I like best.
So think about the kind of environments that attract your prey. Finding the best specimens, I have found, usually proves to be the hardest task, especially for the daygame reliant, under-21 crowd like me.

Bruno 4

Girls in other countries usually venture out later than in the USA, and the parties do run later. Not to say anything is impossible, I have seen beautiful girls in Berkeley, and of course they want to get laid themselves. You just have to focus more on slow game, finding a social network, and building a group of party friends. I have been working for years here in the Bay Area, California, on and off at times. Social circle building is a long-term commitment.
Lighted, crowded areas, areas with lots of people walking around, and lots of people interacting. This should be during the daytime. If you discover a goldmine of girls, like some university campuses, you should learn when the bells ring, because there are usually surges in the numbers of students in accordance to when the bells ring. These high tide moments are when you should be searching for a girl to daygame, they are when you usually see the hottest girls.
Think about it, they want to see others. They want others to compliment their appearance, why else would they dress up pretty? So just like any other actors playing on the stage of life, the girls seek areas concentrated with people. Learn when those concentrations ebb and flow.

Female activities are voluptuous, sensual, not so logical. I don’t know about you, but I prefer feminine women to contrast me. If that is what you like, then think of those subjects which did not interest you so naturally as a boy, probably, painting, dance, yoga, gardening, cooking, etc.

Well, those are all things I do. I do each of those pursuits because of multitudes of personal reasons mixed with practical ones, in addition, I started cultivating myself for the purpose of attracting women when I was sixteen, so I decided consciously to start cultivating within myself that which I had already, in addition to pursuing new things like dance, music production, and now painting and travel.

If you spend your time doing lots of enriching activities, building your skills in life, keeping yourself occupied at mastering skills you love, you will inevitably meet amazing people along the way, who think you are amazing too, because you spend so much time cultivating yourself.

I go to Taekwondo classes at the university. I do Yoga, I do Tango, Toastmasters and Salsa. I work, and I have friends I do drugs with. Each of those aspects of my life, Health Wealth and Relationships, are balanced to allow me access to women, by putting me in places where lots of women congregate, I keep myself healthy, enjoy myself, pursue activities I love (Taekwondo, Yoga, dance) in the eventual goal of becoming like James Bond, an ultimate bad-ass, I am a social person and socialize with the high society people who attend the things I do. That is how I build my social network, and put myself in lots of situations where pretty girls are.
Not only do I have my activities, but I choose the teachers of my activities, to be the best. My Taekwondo teacher is from South Korea, and has been doing Taekwondo for twenty one years and is only twenty seven years old. Yes, he has been doing it since he was six years old, and is a two time Olympic gold metal champion. He is the definition of bad-ass. The first time I saw him, before he ever taught me, I saw him do a double front kick, where he got a running start, jumped with both legs in the air at the same time, snapped his legs, and broke two boards at the same time, and landed on both feet.

At that moment I saw him, I was like “Holy fucking Christ he is a bad-ass” I am lucky to have him as my teacher now. Find men like him, that is part of being a fucking bad-ass yourself. This way, I have 100% authentic awesome stories to tell women. Spending time wandering from place to place in high-value areas (the areas where you do Taekwondo and Yoga) puts you into contact with the pretty girls. You need a lifestyle that supports meeting lots of women, and attracting them.

Life planning, life-building. Dream it, do it.

You need to warm up with day game. Unless you’ve done it a few times, it will feel weird. You need to start by approaching one girl. Yes, just ONE girl, this will be a hurdle, it was a big one for me. Then do ten. I like to increase in large increments.
Start by talking to ten girls a day every day. Once you’re comfortable, start doing more, and more. Also, start reading more body language, you can avoid a lot of needless rejection by reading a girls’ body language and seeing that she looks really closed off, for example she is: walking fast, head down, legs close, arms close to her body, and does not make eye contact.
She walks by slowly, head up, legs spread apart searching for a dick, arms loose, preferably moving her arms, and her eyes are slowly scanning the area when they meet with yours, and you hold it, she does too, then tilts her head down in a submissive way, and quickly looks back up at you, she flicks her hair away, walks closer to you, so you get in her way with your body language and open her with my favorite “where are you from?”
Once you start to become desensitized to approaches in places that normally seemed weird to you (i.e. EVERYWHERE!) you’ll start to approach like a machine. You’ll also notice that good things seem to happen in chains. You need to gather momentum.

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