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What to do on a date – The Sexual Date – Q&A Part 1

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What to do on a date – The Sexual Date – Q&A Part 1

This is a question that came from a VA forum member about Day 2s.  He was asking,

How can I get sexual in a conversation on a date, and when is the right time to escalate and how?

Those are some important questions, so I made him 2 videos.  This video breakdown goes over how to get a conversation on a date to not only get sexual, but have her feel fulfilled with her sexual persona as well.

First, if you’re on a Day 2 you’re are in a good place.  It means that the 2 of you already like each other. 

  • Both of you have agreed to meet each other
  • Both of you want to have fun
  • Both of you probably want some sort of relationship with each other
  • Both of you are sexual beings

We don’t go too much into Dating Structure & Templates but it would be good for you to learn some simple tempaltes.  In the video I cover one of Jason Savage’s, however there is a VA Guide to Dating that is very simple.  Currently it is not on the site, but it will be in a few days.  It will teach you how to go on effective dates with little money and high results. 

Think Fun & Adventurous over Money & Extravagance.  That will get you good dates and fun times. Dates are simple and easy when you have the mentality of “We both like each other, let’s just have fun”

How to Get Sexual in Conversation
Start with Rapport – Because you’re already in it.

Example 1 – Getting Sexual Through Rapport
Using a Rapport Cycle

Start with a Question Interrupt –

“Hey I want to know this about you, what is the most attractive quality someone can have?”

Then explain your perspective

“You know what I think is attractive…how people interact and connect.  And I am having a lot of fun with you.  You know what…”

Second Question –

“When was the last time you just had fun and enjoyed yourself with someone?”

We know we are doing it right when someone shows their ‘Real Self to You’.

When people show their ‘real self’ you can start to show or state intent.

“You know what, that is really attractive.  That’s the side of you I want to get to know more.”

Example 2 – Getting Sexual Topically
Using a Rapport Cycle

Question –

“What do you think is attractive”

Ground –

“Attraction is something that people feel and experience rather than a checklist…”

Question –

What is attractive about you that nobody ever notices?”

This will be hard for her to answer, but that is a good thing.

Double Stack the Qualifier

As long as she’s thinking about it, you can Double Stack

“What’s the most attractive thing about you that nobody ever notices…actually that is a tough question, what I mean is when was the last time you felt like a woman?”

Double Stack Again

“You know it is more like, when was the last time you were just comfortable with someone where they made you feel like a woman.  When was the last time another person made you feel that way?”

Let’s Watch Video 2 to See About Escalation

Remember, if you’re not trying this stuff, you’re never going to improve.  You’re the only one who is responsible for your success and failures.  Own your journey and we will show you how to grow!

Steve Mayeda

Continue to Part 2, of What to do on a date

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