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    First FR - Sweet Victory

    I went to dinner this evening. I had just bought the "Rules of the Game" last night and was attempting to do Day One of the Style Life challenge which is to just make simple small talk with 5 random strangers. So as I am eating my food, this HB8 with a slamming body sits two seats away at the bar. I make some simple small talk about the menu, which was kind of well received, but I detected a slight bitch shield. Then her two HB7 friends join her and she moves over to the seat right next to me. At this point I think, I need to go further then the Style Life Challenge, it's time to put some game theory to use. She was within very close earshot so I decided to use my cell phone as my "wing man" and called up a very good friend who I always have amazing conversations with. I was able to DHV several times during the conversation and sinced we hadn't talked in a while there was a lot to cover. Basically, I wound up laughing a lot and I could tell she was listening as were her friends. Their body language (leaning in, flicking their hair, etc.) was good so I knew I was on the right track. As soon as I got off the phone she started another conversation with me about food (IOI) and I was polite but I let the conversation die. She then picked up the conversation again (IOI) and I returned with asking her name and then she asked mine (IOI). At this point my meal was done and I needed to either order more food or get going. So I touched her shoulder and her arm and told her that I really needed to get going. I noticed that she was okay with being touched. I also noticed how juicy and plump her tits were! I then said that maybe I would see her there again sometime. Then I said you know what, I would like to to see you again, put your number in my phone and she complied. I had no idea it could be this easy.

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    Cro Guest

    First FR - Sweet Victory

    It's that easy ! good job, that's fucking impressive for your first day

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