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    Mystery Matador Review, Toronto April 2007 Bootcamp (by Dave)

    It was an amazing bootcamp. Seeing Mystery work the hole patio so
    easily with lots of hot girls and intimidating guys was inspiring.
    He taught me a really good opener that works every time I use. I'm
    not gonna share it with you by the way! For the first time in my life
    I got to clubs, , opened hot girls and got lots of kino! sarging with
    Matador was awsome. He opened and kiss closed hot girls in a matter of
    few minutes. I never thought that was possible. I also got lots of
    useful material to use at different stages of pickup from opening to
    sex. I got to learn the latest technology in pickup and how to handle
    different situations. It was life changing. I will never forget it.
    I hope to see Mystery and Matador again.


    I have some special sticking points particular to myself due to my
    background. I wish I had the opportunity to discuss them with
    Mystery. So my suggestion is to have a session with instructors only
    for sticking points.

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    Mystery Matador Review, Toronto April 2007 Bootcamp (by Dave)

    kiss close or getting phone numbers

    You have to remember, in the beginning kiss close or getting phone numbers are great. It builds alot of confidence. However, getting alot of phone numbers or kiss close the girl and then next day she doesn't remember you or flaking out on second meeting is not good. If the girl agrees to meet you second meeting but because you don't have proper game, she loses interests, it is also not good. Bootcamp allow you to develop you initial confidence with techniques, but you have to build the rest of the techniques after the bootcamp. Build your inner game first and then work on your techniques.

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