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    I need advice on who should pay...

    Hey all! Im in a pinch and need advice. I joined a singles tour to Shenzhen, China held by A Foreign Affair. I met hundreds of beautiful women and it gave me the chance to find one beautiful girl that sparked my romantic side.

    Shes fair in speaking English and spending time with her was really easy. In the duration of the trip we had the chance to go out and talk a lot. Ive extended my stay for a few more days after the tour and got to spend more time with her. We continued to keep in touch and know more about each other through correspondence and got to talk about her coming to Seattle.

    Im not sure if I should offer to pay for her trip or if she will be paying for it. I really dont know how to bring the topic up I am willing to pay for it or a portion of the ticket if shed need help but I dont want to offend her somehow. Should I just wait for her to bring up the topic or should I? And, how do I bring it up to her? Help!!!

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    Hello and welcome! Sometimes you just want to go with what you feel and try not to over analyze things.. what does your gut tell you to do??? What ever the answer is, its probablt right

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