What I am about to tell you is a story from last night, going out for my first time in my life with the objective of picking up hot women, alone, with approach anxiety at a high level.
Listen carefully because the story that I am about to tell you can change your life.
It's not about the outcome is about the interaction! The horrible is determined by your interaction.

Advise: Don't start to read this if you don't have time, it will be a waste to read this through lines.

So for the start, this is the continuation from my last post, feel free to read it also


The first event was at a place which is called Molly Malone, a cool and stylish place, I tried to interact with everybody, starting right from the street to the wardrobe, where I kinda have some awkward interaction with a dude dressed like a girl. I was pulling out some fake spider web which got stuck in his girlfriend hair from the wall (his girlfriend was pretending figuratively that I don't exist), anyway, everything was chill after time. This story will have a meaning later as I meet this guy, his girlfriend her friend and other guys that are with them at another venue, in the same night.

This place was full with tons of 10hb, this being my first time, my interaction with them was poor... I was so bad, I have opened big sets with 10hbs successfully, but then I didn't know what to do, like some of my negs were weak, didn't have the outcome that I wanted ( NOW I realized a cause would be that I was waiting for some sort of outcome instead of continuing the interaction and not giving attention to the target). Also, I didn't have good DHV stories, I was walking like crazy with approach anxiety, a cloud above my head that was visible to every big set that I opened, probably. I made mistakes that right now I know how to avoid, like: Interacting with a drunk and smoked out guy, who I thought is a 3 set of 6s. At first look it was fun, the girls preselected me as the leader, but then, this guy dropped his beer next to this girl sit, making her jeans wet, they just left. In this place I failed all the time, like dancing with a 7 and an 8hb, I didn't neg the target, not bringing any sort of DHV stories or routines, of course, they said that they are going out to take some air ( Yeah sure, they even did some kino by touching my arm before leaving, saying to me: "Wait here we will come back" Sure they will. Nope after they left I continue sarging and opening sets.

Anyway, even if it was horrible (in the first 5 minutes from entering the club I wanted to go home back to my mommy, where everything is safe). I wasn't enough talkative or cool, I kept trying and pushing, until it was the time to move on, alone, to another venue. Even if I didn't have much success here.

Retro Night at Flex

I was opened at the entrance by a group of people, that talked about my hat and my necklace ( peacocking really work) just having some fun ( they were middle age people, no HB in their group), going down on the bar, I opened the first group that came my way, they were preparing to leave, but I make it last long, and there was this 7 HB with who I had great interactions, but unfortunately she had her boyfriend with her, too bad for her

In this place, which smelled like sweat sports shoes, I had an amazing time, I was the man, the leader of the pack, the alpha male, cool, funny and spontaneous. I opened and interacted with all the sets that I wanted (at least 12). It was amazing, great practice, I even saw the look of this 8 HB that was looking at me when I was dancing with a 6 and opening all the sets around her and having fun with does people. My true fall was that I didn't go to her and opened her set too, because she gave me IOIs, all the time when I was turning my back she was watching me ( this happened constantly 3 times) , and when I was dancing she even came close to my group, less than 2 meters from me.

Even if I didn't end up with a tone of numbers, here I can say that I interacted with a lot of people and I was perceived as a true ladies man, the king of the venue. I had so much fun, it's almost unreal, I can't explain right now in words everything that just happened. There are too many things to say, probably insignificant right now, but for the long process, they are diamonds. Maybe I will write another post about this later...

About the guy costumed as a girl

I meet him again at the coat check, (I believe that inside the Halloween venue (MOLLY) I met him couple of times and talk with him, anyway, what your still here, why not picking up women already?) and I told him about this retro party, he was like cool maybe I will come there, and he truly did. Don't get me wrong, this guy is cool, his nickname is Denis ( I can't tell his true name, who knows...), but his girlfriend is totally my type, between 8 and 9, perfect size, blonde, blue eyes, cute like a doll, puppy or a little girl, again don't get me wrong. At first, neither she and her best friend didn't give me any sort of attention, she was responding to me with monosyllabic words... She didn't ask me anything, ignoring me completely.

Now comes the best part:

The awesome cool part that made everything worth double even tripple

At the end of the party when only some sets remind before I was about to leave, I decided to go and make a tour of the place and say goodbye to all my new fellows, acquaintances and friends that I made there. I even went to the owner and the bartender ( very sexy 10hb/ hiregun) to thanks them for this beautiful night and told them that I enjoyed every moment more than at Molly unstylish expensive place, where you couldn't even move in that crowd.'

Preparing to leave, I see the last group in the corner, is Denis girl, let's call her Rose Fish Princess (probably you will hear again about her), with her girlfriend and another dude.
But where is Denis? Apparently, he got out in his mini skirt to take some air and got stuck there. The reason is that at 3 am the last people wanted to smoke inside and the owner lock down the enter because in Romania is illegal to smoke inside in the bar, pub, club... So Denis was out there, freezing ... While his girlfriend was alone with me.

She saw during the night my skills. I demonstrated higher values to her, all the venue and people(DHV) so she starts to show IOI on me. Well, that isn't enough to make your mind start almost laughing and enjoy your work?( I am kidding, one of the most important thing is: To not take anything as a big deal. It's not'. Although is still funny to see this happening, as a beginner) Like a girl, who should worry about her boyfriend who is missing, with no phone, money or warm thick clothes from almost an hour. No, she is interested in knowing me. The guy who one hour ago was invisible for her. I even started kino escalating, but then her girl friend showed up, and that dude, so I decided to go, cause this guy, told us why is Denis missing, and I was feeling sorry for him.

Next time will be better . I am going to keep doing this, using more new routines, openers, DHV stories, gambits and methods/ material.

Feel free to tell me your story, what do you think and give examples of well-proven routine/ hired gun I am interested to hear some probably of incredible DHV story routines.