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    Changing My Life Style

    Hey guys, I was gone in a long vacantion and then the schoolstarted, last year, trying to discover myself I forgot to write any other post, but now I am back with a plan and a special, hot, new story for you.

    One entire month I wanted to try Mystery Method, but I didn't because I was scared, always finding something else to do when I could had gone out to have fun, I just stayed in my tiny, safe world,where nothing bad could happen. But then, I was anxious about going out, because I don't have many friends for this, none of them being into sarging, pickup, finding a perfect 10hb to make love with, or change their lifes.

    Different goals, I am almost alone, it's a long story, but I will make it as short as possible: when I chose to become a PUA, I had to give up at the world I have been living in, so of course, I got to throw away all the things that were staying between me and my dream. That means all the friends, acquaintances that drag me down (persons who don't try to improve themselfs and have a poor life at all levels intelectual, social, at love etc.) and all the activities, hobbies, with no good effect on me.

    Even if I was anxious about sarging with no wing, I thought that I will find one on the way, also going to make new friends, relations and acquaintances. But it was still hard, I had to climbe a mountain in one of the most smallest and newest country in the world, Kosovo Republic, just to realise that life is very short. Stones were falling down on me, the side where I chose to climb wasn't stable, after that I realize that life is short, it could end in any moment, and even if it's not ending now it will end in one day, on the average, a person lives 28000 days! One day you will die, so as that being said we need to live our lifes at full, doing everything that we want, as long as we are not destroy the world, or become a second Hitler, Stalin, you get the poin...

    If I did't try now, I will never try. Approach anxiety is normal but it will pass with time, maybe I am not good with women now, but I am willing to put all my time, energy, psychic, mind and money to become good at this.

    My goal is to become the next greatest Pick UP Master! Happy, rich, healthy, famous, strong, cool, funny, free and wise. They call me a dreamer, but they don't know that the first step to achieve something great is to dream it. To dream it, as if it was real.

    "So today I choose to do what others won't, so tomorow I will do what they can't"

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    Great to see you’re here man, you’ve definatley have come to the right place.. A good start would be to get a routine stack from a proven coach..

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    Good luck man, see you soon

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