I am fairly new to sarging and going out to pick up women. So I found a forum in Perth (Australia) and gave an intro. I got a response from one guy who wanted to go out together during the day. So we organized a time and met up in the city. For anyone that doesnt know, Perth is a really small city and is very isolated, not much happening, kind of a boring place.
So this guy wants to go out on a weekday in the middle of the day. I meet up with him and he has another friend that is also there to pick up. We give intros and they ask how I got into it all, etc. I told them about reading the book "The Game" and instantly the friend is like thats a terrible example, you shouldnt read those kinds of books. He goes on to tell me its all about being yourself when picking up women and not using routines of any sort, blah blah blah. All is very gentlemanly of him to say, but I mean, thats pretty much the reason most guys get into this is because being themselves isnt working and they want to try something new, right?

We walk around a bit and every now and then the guys will spot a girl and try and approach her. All the time I am more interested in observing as its my first time, than trying to approach myself. When the guys return I ask them what they said to open, and I get shut down by the friend to not think like that, its not about opening, just say "Hi and smile" he tells me.
"Then what"? I ask, but he doesnt know what to tell me, because their way of sarging is literally go up to a girl and say the first thing that comes out of your mouth, including things like "Sorry im very nervous/shy but..."

We walk around for a bit and the guys make a few more approaches but nothing really sticks, and I ask what their goal is to which they dont know. It just felt like they were counting the number of girls they spoke to regardless of the outcome.

Overall it really wasnt what I was hoping for when it came to pick up game. No disrespect to their way of doing things, but it isnt what I am looking for, a bit of a disappointing day to be honest. But I wasnt expecting much during the day in the CBD when most people are at work.

Will be out of this small town shortly and back to LA. So if anyone in LA wants to show me the ropes, let me know.