In the beginning I reinvented myself. from the last hair to the last dead skin cell hanging beneath my heel.

See back in high school M4 read tons of books on PUA. Most of the material of course was from Mystery and Neil. We read them instead of doing maths homework. We all went to a scared place called The Mountain(A scared place of PUA training) There I learnt a lot and discovered who I am. The Mountain had not only taught us about women but also on the ways of life. When we all left high school. The Mountain and its ways where forgotten. Only a few remembered its ways and to the others it was hidden from sight. Those not true to its calling were blinded from The Mountains views of knowledge, sadly I was one of those. You see for I had failed to keep the simplest of laws''Approach At Least Once A Day'' I had become lazy and too focused on my studies after high school, for my mind had been made, if I was to merry it would be books. 2 years past buy of false weak approaches and the ways of The Mountain seemed like a folk tale. I became too ignorant to face the truth that I was too weak minded to approach a women simply because of fear of rejection.

Ahh rejection, the teacher and the student. The reason why most men fall before they begin, how could I become one of them, the so called AFC's we used to laugh at back in Grade 11. I told my self that I need to find The Mountain if I am to be human again. See one can not call themselves alive if they have not lived. I have come to the realization that for 2 years I have not lived up to my true potential, what was I to tell God if he asked what I had done with his gift on earth. Such an entrancement is not to be true.

I told myself that if I was to breath then fear would not be what I breathed for fear slowly eats all your dreams, hopes, ideas and most of all your existence. Do not fear fear for if you do then rejection will be seen as the enemy and not as the teacher and student. Put to death your fears and be free of your will.

''Be sure to not let fear shuffle your deck''
- GambitX