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    Taking The Plunge

    Hello all,

    Let me start by first introducing myself. I am Harpoon, I am new to this forum and environment and am taking my first step into the pick-up world.

    I have had girlfriends before and one night stands, I am a confident guy in general, but when it comes to picking up women I tend to get in my own head way too much and over think things. I analyze things a bit more than I should I guess instead of just going for something. I have no routines or game plans when I go out, until recently (when i discovered this pick up world) I didnt realize you needed one.

    So basically I am taking that first step to learn new things and improve my game. Any advice, tips/pointers or critiques are much appreciated, I am here to learn.

    Look forward to reading peoples posts and making some of my own.


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    1. First get a ((((((proven)))))routine stack
    2. Get help from a proven coach with field tested material...
    3.practice your routines and get them down packed to where you can recite them and deliver them naturally
    4.practice infield..

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