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    I was in bed with her

    This week I was in a camp, doing some project and during the night I ended up sleeping with a cute girl in the bad, everything was cool. Until then, I never slept with a girl in bed, it was warm and pleasant, anyway, when I got closer to her she said "you choke me" and that was it.

    Then I tryed to make kino escalting (from the first step) but I could't find her hands ...
    I just touch her a little more, like palying and then I realize, she was sleeping.
    SO, for her it was ok to sleep in the same bed with me, but she didn't want to make love or she wanted but I did't know what to do. What I did wrong? What should I have done? AFC is coming to my mind now, I was literally in bed with her and nothing happend. Why? What should I do next time? Any advise is good.

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    You want to start by being crystal clear with your intent man, always.. another way of putting it is to just go for what you really want.. for example: I’m not going to tell a woman I want ,”what’s up man” ,”I’m not going to give her a dap like I would give my homie” ,”i’m Not going to let her talk to me about guys she have a crush on” get it?? I am going to ask her things like ,”are you a good kisser?” ,”what’s your favorite position?” Etc.... I know it seems obvious but from experience it sounds like you’re playing it safe or “flying under the radar” hope this helps

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    Hi Boaking,

    Its the woman who ultimately decides if she is going to sleep with you. So its your job to set the stage so she can decide she cant take it anymore because you've turned her on to the point of no return. The idea is you escalate, then right before you perceive she might be uncomfortable you roll off (remove touch)....then you come back and escalate again, and then roll off. You keep this cycle going until shes like going crazy and then just starts essentially tearing your clothes off. Essentially its like going in for the kiss, getting it, and then saying "thats all you get tonight". But then coming back in again and again getting her more and more worked up.

    My disclaimer is.....Just remember ultimately no means no man! If she says "get off me" then do it.

    Hopefully what i wrote makes senses to set the stage for seduction.

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