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    Question Where do I start?

    I've no idea where to start as I've essentially no experience with women and dating.

    Some background: I'm 25, in college, never been of a date, and have only ever had a week long summer fling 10 years ago. I was raised in a female dominant household where my mother drilled into me to be respectful, polite and all that other shit I'd come to realize is only what women think they want. I used to be antisocial but have made good progress on that in that last year. I even got friend zoned, which I'm considering a win compared to not being able to talk to women before this past year.

    ^tldr: 25 y/o no experience and social tard

    I want to change everything about myself, but I don't know where to start. I've been looking through threads for the past little while and signed up today.

    I think my biggest problems are that I'm not confident, not at all assertive and always find excuses not to go out or try. How can I fix this? Where should I begin?


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    A good place to start is to get you a solid routine stack thatís proven and youíll be heading in the right direction. As far approach anxiety and lack of confidence, some inner game teqniqes would do you some justice.. try working out before you go out, and getting into a really physical state... also, there are some useful soundbites that are used to help the inner game process..

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