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    Bootcamp Review, Los Angeles April 2017

    I joined the VIP program over a year ago and I have regularly been on the calls getting advice that has helped me. Finally, I decided to go one step further and signed up for the bootcamp. Although, I didn't have time in the immediate future because of work, I set a date probably a half year out to commit myself. I knew that I could always change it later if I really couldn't make it, but booking a specific date kept me focused and made it happen.

    On the first day of the bootcamp, we worked on the material I would use that night and the coach gave me feedback on my technique. For example, I wasn't expressive enough with my hands when I talked so we worked on me being more animated. That's something that I wasn't aware of and obviously can't be coached over the phone.
    When we met up in the evening we worked on getting in state and the coach noticed that I'm kind of quiet and he made sure that I kept talking to get into a talkative state. So, when we finally hit the first club I was ready to go.

    The second day we broke down what had happened on the first night and we also practiced some day game. Then we went out again and I could feel the improvement from the first night. We had a couple of wing girls with us that night and it was interesting to compare opening sets alone and opening with an attractive woman arm in arm.

    On the third day we did another debreaf and some exercises. Then we did an additional night in the field and built on what I had learned on the two previous nights.

    It was a great weekend. I can definitely say that I improved from this experience because I got feedback that was specific to me and what I needed to improve.

    I would highly recommend a bootcamp for anyone who wants to learn this.

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    I'm glad you benefited upgrade, I hope all is well with you and your life has been more fulfilling as a whole.

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