So, over the last week or so I've been going out and having success. My friend told me the other day that I'm one of the best men with women he knows and it was a little flattering. So, on Saturday night I had a few sets but one in particular stuck out like a sore thumb lol. I approached this 2 set and man they were both hot as hell! ironically, I had a 3 set earlier that was even hotter, but this 2 set went really well. I opened, dcv'd,qualified, the whole 9. I noticed my target was very receptive to my kino and her friend was using very strong sexual framing. I liked this because it was building sexual tension between all 3 of us. I started to massage my target and I told her to massage her friend and she was a little hesitant. We were all in a sexual frame and I was indulging in this game lol. The obstacle was more so than her friend. I spontaneously brought up the idea of getting in the jacuzzi and my target was down with it we just was kind of pressuring her friend to come with us and my target was a lot of help with pushing this forward. we all ended up getting in the obstacles car and we all went to a hotel under the "assumption" we were getting in the hot tub.The hotel didn't have a hot tub but When we finally got to the hotel and got in the room there was 2 beds. Me and my target laid on one and the obstacle was on another. I started to escalated sexually on my target and she was giving me a little last minute resistance. I Switch beds to talk to the obstacle and told her me and her friend had gotten into an argument and I told her we should switch beds that way she's with the target and I'm alone. When the obstacle got in the other bed I said gotcha and laughed while getting in the bed with the 2 women and I immediately started to escalate on the obstacle. The obstacle was receptive and I told her to get her friend to join and she did just that, I was leading the whole interaction. She started talking in the targets ear and she was down. Then magic happened..