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    Get friendly with girls and attract more girls

    Becoming friendly is not an easy task some times u fail but when u fail you will learn more and more this is what every call pua ...soo .if u have a girl and she is friendly and u wana touch her then follow the simple step to touch her and

    1.. break the touch barrier of girl ... Handshake I always try and succeeded handshake is easy for a 1 time u meet a girl aur she is friendly with u . Like mystery say human body has some automatically reflect and this reflects you can use in you life ..... So it is simple when I go for a walk and if I met a girl aur boy I always start with moved my hand towards her and the reflects always I got from a girl ,she also hand shake with u ... try it u will enjoy it is automatically so move ur hand and see ... there is my theory for handshake I will tell u

    2 ... Hifi it is some like handshake just move the hand and u will get a good hifi ...I was doing the work for my crush and at a movement we both agree the ans so just for try I raise my hand and she do so and I got a nice hifi easy bro ,u have to try ...
    3 it's science and seduction type I will later

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    it sounds like you've been doing some reading and applying, keep it up. Share more of your thoughts in the future.

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