Dear All,

I was semi-dating this girl for like 3/4 months, although lately she always said we could only be very good friends (but I am divorcing for a couple of months and probably wants me to close this before moving to the next step, very "double-standard" type of girl in any case), but we were whatsapping like every hour, seeing each other every day and kissing & playing every date (although no sex). I lied to her about my age in the beguinning (told her 36 instead of my age 39, she's turning 30) . The other day she asked me again for my age, and I decided to tell her the truth, and I apologised for this, said it was very stupid of me, etc. She then turned so mad and said that she wasn't even interested on me as a human being so much time lost on me, blabla (she's the type that gets very moody when she's mad). Now she doesn't want to speak to me and has blocked me from whatsapp, etc. Already 3 day since then and no news from her.

What should I do? Should I write her a very sentimental (& honest) email to apologise and as for her forgiveness? what could I say why I lied (apart that it was very stupid)? it was a really stupid lie as my game was very tight, but I felt I needed to come out clean from this time as sooner or later I would get caught. When should I do this? Wait a bit more? see if she will contact me by any chance?

Really need honest and practical advice on this. Thanks so much in advance