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    How do I do how how?

    Please tell me the best routine for daygame
    I prefer daygame than night, causse I am still young and also I don't right now friends to hang out for sarging...

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    open direct and purposeful

    most important is you don't mindfuck yourself with a zillion openers

    you need something you can use over and over again, so you get out of your head and into set

    remember when you open she is wondering 2 things
    1) what does he want?
    2) how long will he be here for

    this opener is clear and purposely

    "Hi. I just wanted to come over and say hello. You seem like you have good energy."


    "Hi. I just wanted to come over and say hello. You seem like fun."

    Then stack foward to a cold read.

    You should check out The Attractive You podcast, has a lot on this topic.

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    Boaking- as much as id like to say subzeros openers are good they are infact terrible. I say that in the nicest way possible. no disrespect meant.

    Firstly they instantly convey too much interest and secondly that you are only talking to her to pick her up ie pull her panties down and slide your meat stick up her moist cavern.

    If you are leonardo decaprio then these would work, shit anything works for him, he could literally walk up to a girl kneeling down rip a fart in her face and when she looked up and realised who it is she would agree to a date in seconds . Dont get me wrong the above openers they can work but i just dont see them as your best bet.

    You want to approach about something random that doesnt convey interest...your body language and tone make her decide if she likes well as your content....ask her if she knows where the nearest store is or something silly like where you can buy a new sumbrero. from there she realises you are just asking for some advice and not being 'needy' needing something from her ie her number or a ticket to creampie her

    say some shit like new here and everyone seems so nice (DHV- people being nice to you, must mean your cool/nice something good). I literally just typed this same shit out somewhere else.

    Always give a reason for getting her number dont just ask for it makes her feel more comfortable. Say "hey can i get your number so i can add it to my every growing database of hot girls, hey can i get your number to prove to my gran im not a complete loser, hey is there any chance i get your number so i can sell it to my really ugly friend. shit like that always works. just make crazy stuff up that is obviusly a joke and say it in a jokey tone. if she says no to these which she may in fun way to these just say 'ahh im only joking i just think you're really cute and would like to get to know you better"

    if she is a stuck up ass with no sense of humour she will be cold to this but hey if she cant interact in this fun way she isnt worth your time...or she is interested in someone else.

    PLEASE NOTE- these lines and approaches only work if your body language is confident, tone is on pooint (confident, high energy, sharp as a tac etc..)


    ps apolagies subzero...

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