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    The Two Options between life and dead

    Hi, I am a begginer. And tomorrow I will have a date with a girl that I meat at the counter when I was making my passport for a trip. She was definitely attracted to me, I could see that very clearly by her IOIs signals that she gave me during the interaction which probably took place in less than 5 minutes. At the end she asked me for my facebook ID. And we start talking for like a week since now.
    I just invited her out tomorrow 'cause she is going to be in town.
    Now if she doesn't come I preaper a plan for my daygame which combine some different technics and styles and I will just go to sarge.

    Any special/important advice for first date?

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    when inviting a woman out to a day 2 make it part of a group event that you were doing anyway so you lose no value if she doesn't show up. Also, it's generally not a good Idea to put a lot of pressure on the woman, for example, paying for some top notch expensive date that you really can't afford. Keep it small at first then you can work your way up. Also, to touch on a earlier topic, if she doesn't show you don't look like a loser in her eyes because you were going to (y) any way...

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