I should probably start with a few quick notes about this opener and its origins. I wrote this one out about a month ago and have been field testing the shit out of it ever since… and it's gone over shockingly well. Also I wrote it in a slightly different mindset (as a female PUA with a male target) however, I could vouch that it can work the other way around since I have successfully used it to open mixed sets with more women than men. The structure is very loosely based on Style’s Jealous Girlfriend Opener. Any feedback/comments/insults are highly appreciated, of course.

“Hey guys, my friends and I are having this debate about how men and women think and we need a third opinion. (The response is usually along the lines of “Okay” or “Go on”). So, arguably, the biggest problem with women is that they have no idea how men’s brains work. (Guys in the set will sometimes interject something like “Amen to that” and/or glare pointedly at someone. This is a line I would probably change if you have a female target to sympathize with the women more).

So what we’ve finally agreed is this: Women’s brains are like pancakes, when you pour syrup on pancakes, it, for the most part, flows whichever way it chooses in any direction. There may be syrup soaked through parts of the pancake, but not others and there’s usually plenty of syrup not even on the pancake, but on the plate. (I usually pause here and ask a question for confirmation of what I’ve just said) Alternatively, men’s brains work more like waffles, when you pour syrup on a waffle, it stays contained within the different divots in the waffles. Some of those divots are filled completely, some only partially, and others are completely empty. The fun is that you never quite know which divot of thought he’s in until you talk to him.

So what do you think? Is that accurate?”

I'm still iffy on the ending question because I'm not quite happy with how it sounds, but I decided to share it anyway so that, if nothing else, we can all appreciate that there are in fact some women out there actually trying to understand men better (shocking, I know).