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    Hook up with an old classmate over Facebook

    So I am in my hometown visiting for the 4th of July.. I've been noticing an old classmate that I was friends with in middle school on Facebook. She is now a model and has really similar interests to mine..

    She is very alternative, super hot, a mom with a long distance boyfriend.

    How do I strike up a conversation to move her towards meeting up (I'm here for almost 2 weeks)

    And then how do I proceed once I get her to meet.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Ideally offer her an opportunity to meet up as part of a social gathering / event. The benefit is if she cant make it you lose no value because its a group thing, something you were doing anyways. If the offering is compelling enough (like a party, something exclusive, an experience, ect) she will show. But even if she says no, you are in the position to make another 'friendly overture'. I would start there and see how she responds.

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