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    Cancelled date, how do I respond

    So last weekend I killed it on a day out.. I got 3 numbers.. the next day.. all 3 girls texted me first.. and set up dates

    All three have been constantly texting me..

    Saturday night I closed during the date with the first of the three girls. We have another date Thursday.

    Now I'm going to preface this next part with.. my situation is a little more complicated than most but you never know it might add to the situation.

    I'm a lesbian, in an open marriage. I can see girls with or without my wife.. but I usually aim for with, just because that generally makes it simpler to manage.. and.. lesbian threesomes are fun. But it does complicate it a bit.. not what all girls are looking for. But I've done pretty well with it so far.

    On the other end for me.. my wife and I were seeing a girl for like 6 months and I am still a bit hung up on that girl. Trying to find options that I like enough not to be stuck.

    The girl out of the three that I liked the most, the date was supposed to be today. So the background - technically we met on bumble but not really. We matched on bumble.. but then I was out at a bar with friends.. and waiting in line for the bathroom she came walking out of the stahl and I was next to go in, on the way passing her she looks at me and calls me out by name asking if it's me.. I was like uhh yea? She was like it's Burnadette. I was like oh funny way to meet lol.. she was like yea it's so cool to meet you. I told her to come say hi.. out of the bathroom.. on the dance floor. She instead waited for me outside the stahl in the bathroom.. when I got out she talked to me and was like I'm not being creepy right. So that right there she was a little uncomfortable but I feel like that was a big IOI and I definitely had the advantage. I brought her out and introduced her to my friends.. and my wife.. she was friendly with everyone but a little awkward with my wife. But then excused herself. She immediately sent me her phone # on bumble.

    I texted her so she would have mine that night.

    The next day she texted me first and asked me on the date.. which originally was supposed to be this coming Saturday.. however like a day or two later she texted and moved it up to tonight. That was last week.

    She initiated most of the texting since then.. I was responsive and flirty.

    Now tonight was supposed to be our date. She was supposed to come over for yoga.. and then my wife was going to teach her how to play the drums. (I mention this bc I don't know if she is having second thoughts about including the wife). But yea a date at my house sounded pretty promising...

    This morning I got this text from her:
    "Good morning...Happy Taco Tuesday🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have bit of bummer news...I'm going to have to stay late at work today because I'm really behind on some paperwork😔but for sure let's hang out on Sunday if you're still able to...Also, do you like Jazz because Monday night I'm going to this place called Churchill's for a little bit if you want to stop by🙂"

    So.. I haven't answered her yet.. not quite sure what happened or how to play it. The text came through at 9am and it's 11.. I was planning on texting right before I got the text to re confirm and express that I was looking forward to it.

    So what do I say.. how do I play it to have my best chance of her actually hanging out?

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    Felt like I shouldn't wait much longer to respond. So I said "Aww bummer 😋 too bad work is hogging your time today. I'll let you know as soon as I can about Sunday 🙂"

    Would love some input on where to go from here.

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    She responded fairly quickly with: "Yeah,sure is a Bummer👎🏼Cool let me know about Sunday we could do Morgans and then go to the museum or just walk around Wynwood...". Sooo how/when should I respond. Waiting for advice for now 🙃

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    She has been texting - asking when I'm leaving the area (I live mobile) saying if it's too soon we can meet sooner than Sunday.. suggesting what we can do on Sunday.. etc.. I just told her I would have a better idea by tomorrow and let her know then.

    Basically I was just giving myself more time to figure out the best way to play this.

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    whats most important is she is making an effort here

    so on whatever day works for you id just text her that day, "what's your schedule like today?"

    if she responds with something clearly aluding to shes free that day then go for it

    perhaps wait till Friday or Saturday, assuming she works a normal 9 to 5

    in meantime you can keep her engaged with an occasional voicetext, i find those work better than regular texts (assuming she is an iphone user otherwise whatsapp)
    but until you meet up with her don't make yourself too available....remember you want her wanting more and wondering what you are upto

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