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    I died and lived to tell about it. Now I want my life back.

    Hey everyone,

    I don't know how out of the ordinary my story is really, so I will try to keep it somewhat brief.

    A little background on me first: I am very counter culture and a rule breaker, but most of my life I have still been rather beta when it comes to women. Being anti-mainstream as I am, I do feel that it limits my pool of potential mates considerably. I am rather short but very good looking, dress in nice clothes, tactful, etc, but I have not been with many women and am not very experienced sexually, since up until a couple of years ago I suffered from acne (I finally just ordered some Accutane off the darknet for like $100...changed my fucking life man, my face looks great now) and that made me very shy.

    So about 2 years ago a friend told me about The Rational Male, and reading even a few articles changed my life. Shortly thereafter I read The Game, then started doing web searches daily, and became fascinated with PUA. But all of that was stopped short when I was in a massive car wreck that left me with dozens of injuries. I broke about 20 bones, massive internal injuries, brain injury (thank fuck I have recovered from that), nerve damage, everything you can imagine. I was dead for over 5 minutes. But somehow my life was saved, so here I am.

    I healed over the many months, though I still have absolutely huge scars and some long term pain, but the one thing that hurt me more than anything was my teeth...the accident had knocked out about 4 of my front teeth. Due to insurance issues I did not get implant replacements for almost a full year. Despite being more financially successful, finally having clear skin, revamped wardrobe, the best social connections, etc of my life, my self esteem was absolutely obliterated. I would go days without talking because I was so humiliated, honestly it makes me very emotional even now typing this. I had never been so isolated, depressed, and lonely before, and as time went on it got worse.

    Once my teeth were replaced I slowly started to get out of my shell again, but I am still quite shy with no girlfriend, and very little sexual activity. I listen to every episode of the podcast and have finally decided that this is my time. I have to make a radical change in my life and that time is now. I will be subscribing to VIP within a day or two and want to soak up all the knowledge I can to create a game plan!

    Thanks for bearing with me and reading all that. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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    I'm feeling your pain buddy. Dont give up the fight. Theres always a creative way to get to your goals! Just try as hard as you can and some day you'll succeed and if not you've still grown to uprising heights. Nevertheless I surely wouldn't recommend you to buy medicine from the darknet. I myself have also made an accutane therapy but you need to get your blood checked once a month for increased triglycerid levels otherwise you might get some serious liver damage! I've had during some period of my life ulcerative colitis and had to take cortison which gave me steroid acne not to mention the pain and the humiliation.

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    Iím glad youíre doing better man! Stay strong.. First of all, you have come to the right place to better your dating life, if I told you of the possibilities, you would tell me iím Lying.. On a side note, keep this in mind:every person of huge success has a PROVEN mentor.. like I said youíve come to the right place.. one of the first steps to give you a huge leg up would be to get a routine stack thatís PROVEN.. A coach will greatly assist in this process and help you along with that process.. This will give you some routines, this will put you way above a lot of men when it comes to competing, trust me! Good luck man!

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    Just be patient with the process and yourself

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