Today I had a multitude of sets and a lot of them went really well.. one In particular went very well and it resulted in a bounce and a series of moves. I approached a 1 set in the store.. I opened,dhv'd,qualified, the whole nine.I went kino, knocked report out of the ball park,I went for I wanted. Overall it was a perfect set. I have a date set up with her tomorrow and we plan on having a lot of fun... what particularly stuck out to me was the fact that she was so receptive to my escalations.. I had a lot of fun. I like the fact that she's interesting but also she has a lot going for herself. We even smelled candles and multiple scents to make the night more romantic lol. My second set was another great one set! I opened,dhv'd and qualified her. I hit report out of the ball park with her and I built a lot of kino and I escalated a lot with her. This particular set also had a lot going for herself and I liked that about her as well. This one set was exactly my type and I'm going to have too much fun with her lol. I moved her a lot and we had amazing conversation. We later talked on the phone for an hour but I had to go Because i was getting tired..