Saturday was an interesting night for me and me and my wing had a lot of fun. What particularly sparked my intrigue was an interaction with an amog. I had open several sets that night but this was the main highlight of my night. I opened my set with my standard opener. My target gave me an iod,"boy you always trying to talk to women out here" me," you're like beauty and the beast all rolled up into one person" my target ioi,"hahaha" I stacked forward into my cold real and the dhv'd. My target was mad into me and she was complying with all of my requests..then my wing comes in perfectly and he ocuppies the obstacle.i'm now locked in in comfort with my target when a amog comes into our set. He first approached my wing and his target, telling my wing that the women was his girlfriend. My wing was playing along with it and and joking with him. The amog ran out of things to say and just stood there looking really weird lol.. he then approached my target. Me(complete disacknowlegment) I only said like one word to him while he was standing there looking stupid. He tried to talk to my target and I was mad frame controlling this dude. His frame was very weak, but I give him balls for approaching. After I kept frame controlling him I just completely disacknoleged him. He eventually realized that it wasn't happening and left. This was a really funny experience to me. Later that night me my wing and those 2 girls were all at his place hanging out..