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    I was in a convenience store and I spotted a woman that really struck my interest.. I liked how she was built just how I like my women to be built and she had a nice ass with a pretty face.. I opened with my standard open,"hey! I wanted to come over and introduce myself,I'm Cassadon" she was receptive and told me her name.. I dhv'd,which my storied really hit and then qualified her.. she told me long out details about how "cool" she was etc... I started kinoing from the get go and I was really pushing the interaction forward with purpose.. we ended up shopping togeather and walking around for about 2 hours just talking.. it was nice and she smelled good and had really soft skiin.. it was a solid set and I should be in in the next couple of hours.. I'll let you guys know about further details

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    Congrats on the nice set my friend. Can I ask how you first initiated the kino? Just wondering since this is day game and I don't expect she was anticipating that kind of attention in this venue.

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    i initiate it pretty much the same except not major sexual kino lol. Overall i add some disinterest with my kino and it works out fine.

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    Ok cool. Yeah I am starting to work on throwing in some mild disinterest in my own newbie level game as well. I was at a festival this past week and number closed largely in part to keeping cool and feigning disinterest.

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