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    Untrue Beliefs About Women (Big Post)

    Hey, brothers. Even if you don't read this entire post, I'm sure there will be some parts you find useful.

    Some harmful, unhelpful beliefs about women include:

    Women only want...
    • White guys / black guys / whatever guys
    • Rich men who will buy them stuff
    • Broke vagabond losers with nothing to their names
    • Gorgeous, Adonis-like men
    • Hollywood celebrities
    • Men over 6'5" (or whatever height you aren't)
    • Men with giant anaconda penises
    • Any fill-in-the-blank thing that you yourself are not or don't have
    Almost all of these are immediately invalidated by looking around your city or townPUAwithoutPUAblinders on. It takes all of 4 seconds to look down most city streets and find 5 to 10 couples in the immediate vicinity who are whatever race, not rich, not poor, not gorgeous, not celebrities, not super tall, and don't have giant bulges bursting the stitches on their britches. Stop giving yourself excuses to fail.

    Women on the street / in the store / at the club...
    • Don't want to be bothered
    • Are too busy to talk to anyone
    • Will only talk to you if you're perfect
    • Will blow you out if your approach is not perfect
    • All have boyfriends and are off the market
    • Some other reason that precludes approaching
    These are quickly invalidated by going out to any of these places and doing 20 approaches. You might fail hard in some of these - if you're having an off day, or you're a pure beginner, you may even fail hard in your first 10. But you'rePUAprettyPUAunlikely to have all 20 go against you if you go do 20 right now, even if you have no idea what you're doing. Sure, it happens sometimes - it happens to me - that's just the luck of the draw; but as you get more and more attractive, and better and better at approaching and engaging women, you're more and more likely to have more and more of those 20 respond favorably... or VERY favorably. Stop giving yourself excuses to not approach.

    Women are all...
    • Attention whores / status harpies
    • Cheaters and unfaithful
    • Liars, scoundrels, and thieves
    • Bitter, tormented feminists who hate men
    • Emotionally manipulative puppet masters
    • Parasitic creatures that feed off men
    • (insert slight implying women are bad, bad people)
    Any and all of these are immediately invalidated by a friendship or a relationship with a non-crazy woman. That is, the majority of women you meet in places other than mental wards, nightclubs, parties, and online dating. Stop giving yourself excuses to sit in the corner and be a bitter victim complaining about his tragic victimization at the hands of those horrible people with vaginas.

    If You Have Poisonous Beliefs About Women

    ... you need to change your actions and/or environments.

    Most of the people I meet who have poisonous beliefs about women either:

    • Never actually MEET any women and truly interact with them (all their views come from other men / websites / articles / etc.)
    • Keep meeting the same kinds of women in the same environments again and again and not realizing that that's the problem
    • Continually put their baggage onto women and turn women into exactly what they fear / suspect women are

    The last one is the most tragic - it's the guy who's SO CONVINCED that all women cheat that his endless paranoia drives his woman crazy... and drives her to cheat, often with a thought of, "Well, he never believes that I'm not cheating on him anyway, so what's the point in not cheating?" Or, it's the guy who's SO CONVINCED that women don't like him that he gives off waves of coldness and aloofness around those types of women that make them run for the hills. He smacks every woman he meets in the face with his baggage, and when she reacts to that, he points at it and goes, "There - SEE? All women are like that. Told you."

    For most men, poisonous beliefs are changed when you change the environment you're meeting women in (and get out of poisonous environments you find yourself in that color your views about women in a negative way), and when you start actively cultivating meaningful relationships with sane,normal(e.g., non-party girls / online daters / crazy chicks) women.

    For a select few, the baggage is so bad that it taints every interaction and relationship the guy has, and the only way to fix that is by addressing the core problems of bitterness and victimization - if you suspect that might be the case for you, read these articles:

    • Most Important Thing to Becoming a Lover of Women? Don't Be Bitter.
    • How Victim Mentality Can Stifle Your Life – and Luck with Women

    Most of all, keep this in mind:

    any form of negative beliefs or bad thoughts means you're dealing with frustration and repression. The object mentally is to end up at a place of calmness and contentedness, where you truly understand the thing you formerly had poisonous beliefs about that messed up your Zen (in this case, beliefs about women), and you're able to embrace the thing, be unsurprised by its quirks, and love it with these or in spite of these.

    Do you love women?

    Do you think they are funny, cute, and adorable, even when they are doing the things that piss most men off and make those men tear their hair out and gnash their teeth?

    If so, you're in a very good place.

    If not, don't worry - everyone who opens his eyes goes through a period of painful adjustment, but you're on the road there.

    Cheers, brothers

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    That's a very thorough analysis brother, how long have you been in game? Alot of the points you bring up are very valid and make a lot of sense. i 'm curious to know, did you major in psychology?? if so, what branch did you study in?

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