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    Texting Game - When & When Not to Respond

    Hello brothers. Here are some tips about texting

    Whenever a girl sends you a text, you want toPUAchange up the amount of time it takes for you to respond.PUAWhy? Because you don’t want to be "predictable",PUAandPUAyou want to establish the frame that you are a busy guy and aren’t sitting around waiting for her to text you.

    SometimesPUAyou’ll reply back within a minute or two;PUAsometimesPUAafter an hour… maybe longer.PUASometimesPUAyou’ll shoot a text back immediately.PUA

    By changing up your response time you’re creating suspense. It’s going to hit one of those emotional buttons like we’ve been discussing. You want her to experience a wide range of emotions to keep her interested.PUA

    When you’ve just spent 10 minutes in “Rapid Fire Reply”(RFR)PUAmode, & then sort of drop off for a little while, she’s going to feel a bit of uncertainty; wondering things like,PUA“Is he mad? Did he lose interest? Did I say something wrong? Did I send the text to the wrong person??”PUAetc…

    This is good! Seriously. Because, when you DO text her back again maybe 20 minutes later, or an hour later, she’ll feel that sense of relief & excitement. She’ll get butterflies from the adrenaline rush that your text delivers. It’s that kind of pleasure you feel, ONLY AFTER you’ve had a feeling of loss (or at least “potential” loss).

    Yes it IS totally OK to respond right away. In fact, you SHOULD from time to time. It’s also perfectly fine to go intoPUA“RFR”PUAfor a while. So don’t make the mistake of thinking you always have to wait a long time to reply. She’ll just get tired of texting you altogether if she knows she’s going to have to wait forever to hear back.
    Just be unpredictable, & you’ll be golden!

    Cheers, brothers

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    You're spot on with a lot of your knowledge you bestow. DID you get my last message? Is this a secret coach??

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