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    How could an 18 year old get with older girls (20-25)?

    Hey guys,

    I presume that girls in the mentioned age range of 20-25 won't be interested in getting with an 18 year old for whatever social reason they have.
    Can you guys mention any techniques that might work or how I can make them feel age is irrelevant?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You don’t want to make it obvious that you are younger. This means you’ll have to act more mature. Girls can tell based on your maturity level very soon on if you are younger. That being said, there are some 25 year old guys that are fucking idiots and aren’t mature at all.

    There is not shortcut for this method, but you would have great results if you tried it: Befriend some guys who are in that age bracket and hang out with them. Once you expose yourself to them enough, you will adapt their tendencies and realize what they do and how they act. Make sure the guys you befriend are actually getting girls though of course.

    Another route would be simple trial and error. Approach girls at a college campus because they’re all between the ages of 18-22 usually. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to hook up with a hot 18 year old if you’re 18 either, so you wouldn’t be losing anything there. Approach girls and actually just try to immerse yourself in conversation with them. Talk to them like they’re a real person and you aren’t just trying to fuck them. Then you’ll start to understand their personalities better and make adjustments to your game.

    It really isn’t that difficult. Maturity is the main thing here. You’re already younger which is a handicap, so try to eliminate that handicap and they’ll forget you’re younger. Best of luck.

    Cheers, brother

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    You could act more mature around these women but in general I HAVE laid and gotten older women by being fun and playful. IT really just depends on the women of your particular interest, I always looked older than I am so that helped with older women. At one point, when I was younger I use to lie about my age, I'm not saying lie to the women but this did help with me. Also, making age irrelevant is a matter of frame control my friend. You could also frame gaps in age as a beautiful and lively thing.

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