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    Asked me if I was a serial killer

    So, with hindsight I presume this was a shit test but I wasn't prepared for it so I stumbled and wanna be prepared next time. I was 15 mins into a 2 set with everything going well. Target asked my name and where I worked, I gave up the information freely early on. Attraction was building, ran a few routines, had level 1 kino, then targets asks me if I'm like a serial killer or something.

    It almost sounded like a neg I would say to a girl but she said it to me and I stumbled for a response, lowering my value. I moved on from it and ended the set a while later.

    But I just wanna know what could I have done to best respond to that? I still don't feel like I would have a good response if it pops up again in the future.

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    Sounds like a calibration issue.

    Tell me about this "level 1 kino" you were doing just before she made this comment.

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    it's a shit test that women give, I've gotten this shit test a number of times lol. Just come up with a cocky funny response and run it past a coach to get it approved lol.

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    As far as time frame the kino was not connected to the comment. I was actually standing with weight on my backfoot (disassociated body language) while the two girls were sitting at a tall bar table facing me. The kino before this point was very small IOIs mainly from her, resting her hand on my chest for a second, placing her hand on my shoulder briefly while talking to me. I pretty much only brushed her shoulder while talking or gave playful shoves, no kino games or kino tests yet.

    The setting at the bar was the entire bar was facing one way watching the end of an important hockey game on a giant projected screen while the two girls were facing the opposite way looking at me while I'm standing in a walkway isle by myself. I was probably the only one in the bar standing.

    My real personality is very sly. I've been in sales my whole life. And friends tell me my personality is very influential. I've asked friends about myself and they say I ask pointed questions with intent to influence conversations and people. It's just naturally who I am. This might be easily apparent to an HB that's trained her whole life to identify circumstances or people with that appearance.

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