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Thread: Club April 13th

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    Club April 13th

    Hi guys!

    I went to the club yesterday and there was a 5 girl set and a 10 there. Well, I'm very disappointed with myself because I didn't approached. The thing is, the target was making eye contact with me. I had the doubt if I opened, should I talked to the target (since there was eye contact) or I should just open the set and ignore/neg the target as MM says?

    Thank you guys!

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    you should open the whole set and ignore the target first and then when you established value then go for the target.

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    Amazing! Thank you!

    I have some questions:

    If I open the set, should I stand on the target's side or away from her??

    Even though, the target was eye contacting with me, I should ignore her?

    In that case, particular, the music was too loud. Should I still open 1 of the other girls of the set or just go for the target?

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    It's best to stand in her proximity, so she can hear your dhv spikes and humor but pay little attention to her at first. Then,when you've established value and disarmed the group go for your target. The reasoning behind this is because your target most likely won't be open to the idea of engaging with you until you have established some value((((((((especially if she's hot)))))) but once you did establish value it's game on. If you didn't establish value and went in straight for her she'll either blow you out or the group will interject because you didn't engage them ;Your purpose of engaging the group is to get your target. Again, what are you using to demonstrate value?

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