Lately, I've been a little sidetracked. I've been focused on making some extra cash for when I go on my trip in a few days. I'm not saying that I haven't been approaching at all, but I have a approached more in the past. Everything is going well. I have my trip on April 27th and my life is going well as well. To add to the madness I was in a very racist room for the first time lol it was kind of cool, to get the experienced. With that being said, my first set was a 6 set. I immediately started getting shit off the bat. Then, the leader pulled the whole group away. My next set was a 1 set. The women was very receptive. I came in opened,dhv'd,qualified her, and then her phone rang. She left briefly and then I was off to my next set. My next set was a 2 set,I was a little reactive to the shit they started giving me off the bat but I got through it and then they left before I got to Dhv. Lol, for some reason I was getting shit all night last night, literally. My next set was a 2 set that opened and it was all good but I kept getting interrupts from phone calls on their phones. Man, it feels good to get back out there like I normally am. My next set I opened and they kind of took the frame and held the convo. I noticed moments after that I let them deviate me from my routine stack. Next time I'll hold my frame and be sure to keep going with my stack. You really don't get anywhere when the woman controls the frame lol. Next i was on the dance floor and I had a blast and was vibing with everyone. I was even vibing with that HB 10 that I noticed from a distance just as beautiful as ever. It was nice and I really realized how much I missed that feeling lol. My last set was a 6 set branched off into a 1 set. I opened,dhv'd, qualified and was then cut off by her friends dragging her away,she was super into what I was saying. Her friends asked me if I wanted to get her number but i was like no I'm good, because I knew that I didn't have time to build comfort and that I was going to have to put more work into this interaction but I felt like it wasn't worth it. They had to drag her away from me lol.