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    March 10th Alone Club Experience

    Hi Guys,

    So I went to the club alone on that Friday. Rather to open groups, I stayed at the bar
    just replaying email on my cell, which I just realized Mystery does not recommend this at all.

    So, I just open girls that came besides me. I opened like 7 2 girls sets.

    There was this girl that got to my side, very very close. I opened her , she was giggling
    and giving IOI's. I didn't talk to her friend so she pulled the girl I was talking to away. Later, they came like very exiting saying "come on you still with that phone!!! come dance with us". Then I said something I have never said before "Ok but I'm not looking for a relationship or anything physical". And when they did the touching IOI's I was like "you don't need to touch me... I understand if you talk clearly". Then, the girl who I opened before said "you are the only guy that called my attention". So, we went dancing. I was alone with two chicks and I really felt the Value that Mystery talks about always. Many guys invited them dancing, but they did not last more than 10 secs (they seem to make fun of them)... and I was "guys you are mean!! ... but I have a good time with you haha"...

    So, instead of intent kino with them, I want to go to the club with them and open other groups.


    Eduardo Carrera

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    Were you interested in either of them? or where you just having fun with them? also, those soundbites sound like they would be a little funny infield.

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    Hi Casadon,
    I was not interested. I could kissed one of them, but I prefered to go out alone with them some other day to open other sets with 9s or 10s. Know what I mean?

    Actually, I went out with them this friday. I felt so much value that a girl just approach me. Again, she is not my type... I send her to the friend zone and tell her to go out some other day.

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    I'm so glad to hear that man! Keep killing it. On a side note, that social proof will do you a lot of good with your game.

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    Yeah, I know! I really felt the energy on me that day. It really boosted my hopes about this whole girl thing... which I've been disappointed of (not from "the game").

    PS: I'm planning a trip to LA hopefully for September. Do you know if there is any possibility to find Mistery and hi and thanks to him?

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    um I'm not sure about mystery, he's a little hard to get In touch with lol. Good luck on your adventure though..

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    I guessed that. Thank you!

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