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    Tuesday 7th March

    So, I was in a spanish/english meetup. I meet up this girl, cute, aparently she is naive (I realize afterwards I was wrong). She was giving me a lot of IOI's. Then, when she was leaving, I said to her "hey, is there anyway we can continue this conversation?" And she is like "oh, I can give you my number" and I'm like "ok". I send her a whats app text two hours later. The day after, I tryed to call her but nothing happened, I text her. Then, I asked her if she was free the next day afternoon and she was like "hey I got a bf" and whatever. Then I said "you misunderstand me, I wanted to tell you that there is another meetup if you wanna go by yourself". And in sumary, that was it. I was very upset about it thouh.....
    It will continue...
    Cheers to all

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    Flakes will generally come if you didn't present enough value or you had problems establishing report. Can you remember if at any point of the conversation where you and her had so much in common and where just really vibing?

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    Kinda.... But she have lots of IOI

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