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    effective or no?

    I hope everyone is having an awesome week and weekend because I am. I've noticed that a very effective strategy that I employ is to text a woman a small bit of value/hook via text message, and then go silent. This proves to be really effective to women and they all seem to go really cray over it lol. I guess you just have a permanent spot in there mind for as long as your silent and go cold. From my experience women tend to chase you after this and start to pursue you more after.. Also, what I noticed is that next time she'll probably text me first and I'll throw in another hook/piece of value and then go cold again. This has proven to consistently get women to pursuit me and gain there interest more in general. Try this out and tell me what you guys think. Good luck.

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    Hi Cassadon, hope you are doing great!

    Yeah, very effective. I've heard that is also good to text messages as long as they do. Ex: If they write 2 words, you do the same. Works the same for the time. If they took 5 mins to answer, take the same time, and so on.

    I met a model in a casting months ago. She gave her email (for obvious reasons). She took 1 and a half week to reply.. I did the same ... bingo... she wrote in less time after that.

    Hey what kind of text routines you have? If you don't mind to share of course.


    Eduardo Carrera

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    I'm very well man, I hope you are doing great as well. Also, I heard the same thing about the same Time to text them back lol. I would like to congratulate you on getting a model man, I'm actually talking to one right now as well lol. A routine I like to use is, I'll send a funny meme and when she responds I'll stop texting after that. Another routine I use is I'll text,"do you know(any girl's name) and I'll stop responding after that, I'll use it as a hook.

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