hroughout my whole time in the pua community, I have to say, it's been really crazy lol. I remember when I couldn't even get a number to stick lol. I was so frustrated and aggravated that I was on edge a lot of the times; but I kept going and I was very motivated to get where I wanted to go. When I truly think back, there was a constant consistent theme through them all that has led me to this day; that theme is to keep going no matter how tough it gets. This game can be painful, and really frustrating and upsetting at times. I remember days where I was crying at a table because I was alone and had no one there. To be fair, I had friends, but I wanted a companion, a woman I could share those experiences with.. Also, I've realized that I always "re invent the wheel" at first it was my opener, then it was opening with a qualification question, then it was changing the routines around, then it was negging at the wrong moment, I could go forever lol. Until this day I still struggle with vering off but I now catch myself. The reason is because I'm naturally impulsive and have a hard time naturally sticking to a stack. I am way farther than I use to be lol for the record. The things that I'm doing now, I never thought was possible lmao! It's just so crazy lol... keep going solders! Reel the benefits of a keen social intuition.