rday I Approached a 2 set on the dance floor. This set was mostly dance floor game and my target was really hhhhhhot! She was so hot that everybody on the dance floor was vying for her attention and competing for her lmao. Men were literally standing in line and waiting to dance with her lol.. it was a really funny picture to see though.. she was light skin,had a big a**, about a c cup Breast,and about 5,6. Needless to say, she was perfect for me.. I noticed in dance floor game when your target sees that you vibe with everyone she'll be receptive to vibing with you,thinking that it's no big deal because you do it with everyone.. But then you're all of a sudden getting sexual and grinding all on her lol.. she won't suspect a thing.. I like to vibe with everyone and slowly escalate each time I come back to my target.. I was doing this with this target too.. On a side note, my target had a really unattractive friend, and everyone was ignoring her accept me lmao!! I remember telling wing that all of the men were going to lose the beauty because they kept ignoring the friend.. The beauty and her friend left home with me that night (evil face) and the were at my house.... we all vibes and hung out and listened to some of our favorite Songs. I was escalating on my target slowly and gradually because she was in the back seat and I was in the front seat but I was nonetheless. Later on my obstacle said that her and my target did not know which woman I wanted... i take responsibility for this misunderstanding because I should have made it more clear who my target was... I told my target that she had pretty lips and I told my obstacle that she reminds me of my big sister, I thought this would have made things clear. I guess not though lol, next time I'll make an extra effort to make my target known. Also, I came to a realization: every time I ever pulled or I ever seen someone pull 9/10 they were in the same car... I've been trying to pull in separate cars not paying attention to that small but meaningful detail. I've noticed that all my F*** closes i was in the same car with my targets.. talk about a good realization lol.:.