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    How does winging ACTUALLY work? (detailed, specific questions)

    Hey! So I've been going out with a wing a lot recently, and we have a few issues that come up time and time again. And in any of the ebooks/lectures, they make it seem so simple, but there are some things that aren't really addressed when it comes to applying them in real life. Hoping you could help me out!

    Question 1. What does your wing do when you open the set? For example, we'll be walking through the club, and I'll open indirect. Is my wing supposed to just walk 15 feet away and "hide" from the girls for 3 minutes until I hook the set and he can walk back in? We've ran into situations where girls are like "is that you're friend over their by himself?". What is he supposed to do when I open? How does this work in real life?

    Question 2. For accomplishment intro's, they always seem awkward to me. Here's how the convo always seems to play out.

    Me: Hey, come meet these girls, they're cool. This is Bob, he's a killer guitar player. His band plays all over the place.
    Girls: Cool. (just stare at you)
    Bob: Yep, that's true (nods head...).
    (awkward silence).

    In the seminars, they always say the girls are going to be like "Omg, you're in a band, cool, what kind of music do you play?!!?!?!". But whenever we do it, they don't really seem that interested in it. They're just like "cool" and it just kinda gets awkward, and we just have to recover from there.

    Question 3. For big sets, do you even WANT your wing to come in? Obviously for a 2-set it makes sense. But if it's like a 3 or 4 set, it almost seems easier to me to just "isolate" the girl by moving her body to face away from the group and just talking to her. And if your wing comes in, you run the risk that the friends will get bored with the wing, leave, and pull the target with them.

    Anyway, if you have any insight on these, I'd LOVE to hear it!

    -The Machine

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    Q3: WING SIGNALS( you give your wing a signal by hand or different as you coding signal before THAT HE ENTER A SET or no -you communicate wit him with that)

    Q2: when he enter and you giving he accomplishment intro he should not say "thats is true..." but snip and stack to give you accomplished intro in front of group of course

    Q1: i'm not sure what he doing but this sounds awkward he staining 15 feet away and looking at you opening the set? probably it will be more healthy when be too be able to open his set and leather merge two groups"come met my friends don't embraced me.."-Line from Mystery. I THINK YOUR WINGMEN NOT SHOULD STAY AND LOOK AT YOU.

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    3.USED IT

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    I stat thinked focus all on pickup and everything it will take care at self.


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    question 1: if women see you just be cool and keep your wing there; you can use the same material and your wing can even chime in a little. Question 2: you're suppose to accomplishment intro when your wing isn't around, Then after you hook the set and built some attraction then introduce him. questin 3: I Actually agree with you on this one. Also, just a quick point: if your wing is competent they probably won't get bored and it'll make you look even better because you roll with cool and interesting cats.. hope this helps.

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    I constantly mention that my friends are in the bar, usually as my time constraint. I usually don't say anything about them except they are present. This builds curiosity.

    Target will eventually give subtle signs or say things like, "Where are your friends, didn't you say they were here?"
    Sometimes they outright ask me to bring my friends over if I have enough DHV and threaten to leave then to be with my friends.

    After I get the signals or requests, depending on how the set is going I'll control when they can meet my friends "they asked about."

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