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Thread: hi from italy

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    hi from italy

    hello guys, i'm from italy and i'm 28. i've been with 8 women. they all were involved in parallel relationships, but it was fine by me and by theme as wel. I signed up to this forum becouse, i've always been kind of afraid to approach a girl, i mean all works fine if i'm in group but if i'm alone whit her (like at a bus stop, or in a university waiting room) after the chip chat the conversation just die, and she walk away.
    oh. the particular thing about me is that i'm disable ( not on a wilechair or anithing, but i use crutches to walk.) i can do all kinds of stuff normaly, even the sex is never been a problem.
    i want to ask you how strong in your opion is this problem on a woman? i mean with the involved girls i had it was "easy" because they where in bad or boring relationships. but to a single girl in a club or someting like that.

    tank you for your time

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    It's not a problem if you don't think it's a problem man. Trust me, i've seen dudes with one arms like seriously kill it and get alot of women. I've seen that first hand man, just improve your game man and stay positive. A word of warning though, this game can be extremely frustrating and very upsetting. That's the good thing about the community as a whole, it's very supportive through those tough times and propel you to new heights. I would like to welcome you to the community

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    Thanks bro ! Means a lot to me!! Happy to be here

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    No problem man, you should post more. You'll get some value from it.

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