happy new years everyone! i'm looking forward to seeing more people post on the forum and get active. I have been a little busy with this new year but it's all good i manged to get some day game in and i had some fun experiences. I approached this 1 set, she was a clerk at a hotel and she was very receptive. I've noticed that women who are working are extremely receptive to approaches, almost always. My opener was situational, i asked her about a jacuzzi suite and we both checked it out. I spontaneously decided to try to hit some dhv stories on her. She was very receptive to my story telling and everything was going great. I qualified her and she passed my questions with flying collars. All was going well she even sat down with me and talked to me, she also gave me her number. My next set was with a woman that was by her lonesome looking at a painting. I opened with my default opener and she was very receptive. I noticed she kind of was looking at her watch as if, she was getting impatient. I negged her and stacked forward with my material. She was much more receptive to my approach after this. we went on an instant date, i offered her to go to a local star bucks and it was just amazing. Finally we parted ways and she gave me her number. This was a good experience for me. I'm about to start approaching more sets and getting more momentum. I noticed this was an area that i was lacking in. Listening to the vip podcast brought this to my attention. There's a lot of value in this guys.