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    Fashion advice for huge calves

    Hi experts

    I am 34 year old man with calves as big as beach balls... Luckily, girls find them very attractive, but I do have a problem fitting into most jeans and pants. I like wearing shorts and I am in a country where it is possible to wear shorts day and night. It is, however, not very fashionable. I usually also wear flip flops with my shorts.

    My questions are: What cut jeans or pants should I be looking for? Whether or not shorts can be wore? If so, what shoes must I be looking for to wear with shorts? What type of shorts must I wear? Any other advice you think I should know?

    Thank you in advance

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    That's kind of similar to peacocking, you may wear something outlandish that most people won't wear but you can carry it the right way. In most cases peacocking is a hit or miss type of ploy. If you can be fashionable with this combination that you talk about it's no biggie. for example let's say

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    your clothes look nice, they fit,you carry yourself confidently,you match according to standards,etc. then you can get away with that if you peacock and have social proof, then to add that you're surrounded by beautiful women. you'll look even cooler if you went with the normal but the opposite also applies. The biggest secret is to let women dress you my friend.

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