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    Mystery Newbie Mission

    Hey guys,

    Tomorrow I going to start with the Mystery Newbie Mission

    The Rules:

    - Open 3 Sets an hour
    - 4 hours a night
    - 4 nights a week
    - For 6 weeks

    My level in Pick Up is advanced. But I'm very hungry my goal is true mastery.
    I follow the Mystery Method with a lot of success.

    I will update every week this thread and write down my success and failure.
    For me it's not about quantity it's about quality.

    My equipment:

    Mental pad (for DHV magic)
    Smart phone
    Mint drops
    nice accessories

    I have no Pick Up friends or Wingman so I going out alone. But I have no problem with that oftentimes it's even better.

    Update next week

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    Sorry for the delay here is some notes of my journal.

    I had a lot of fun. Problem is to find hot targets. (HB: 8-10) We have now a Harley Day festival this weekend this is perfect for approaching lot of girls even in the daytime.

    I did several mixed sets. The boys gave me a lot of shit

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    Conclusion after week 1.

    On average I have one number close every hour after approaching 3-6 Sets
    And I had two dates at the weekend.

    A big problem is that some clubs are to loud. Obviously I can't run my indirect game
    because I need the entire group for best results (social proof, negging the target in front of her group and so on)
    So I going to be creative this week. (try the Jinx opener for example)

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    Conclusion after week 2.

    I had a fantastic night today. 5 Sets and 2 number closes one HB 8 and one HB 8,5
    this night. My game was not good today (I spoke to fast) but I had massive social proof and the lock in position in a group of 5 girls.

    the first girl left me alone but came back to me when she watched me with all that girls. and btw. I came alone.

    Alright I need some sleep right now.
    I going to write down my field report later today.....

    And one kid wanted to kick my ass again. (he was even more attractive than me, still no game and drunk :lol
    Man I need to learn martial art very soon.

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    This is a short draw of my structure:

    Me: (I start with an opener and a FTC which opener doesnt really matter. as long it is indirect.
    cashmere opener..for example (I still like opinion opener, important to open from the side and FTC, bodyrocking..)

    girls: bla bla

    Me: than Im taken btw, (disqualifer) (to the group)
    And you sound like the fashion police (to the target, hit and go dont wait for reaction)

    Good to tease the target after second sentence...(most people dont neg in the right way, better to tease)
    Me: hey my eyes are over here... dont look on my chest she always like that...

    Than I start with multiple topic ring routine, then I stopp and start with the best friend test....(best friends test is such a killer routine)
    another thing I like is an open loop.

    Me: I have a very important thought for you. Remind me later. (I want that the group stays with me and dont leave)

    Now its time for storytelling or a false takeaway.....
    I have several short routines.... for example friend wants a tattoo of her boyfriend
    how can I change her mind...

    Girls: bla bla

    Me: sometimes I use a second tease.
    So you took your little sister to the club to the obstacle. (show to the target.)

    Than its time to test for A3 for me most of the time I have attraction in 3-10 minutes or never. So I move on...
    Me: Beauty is common routine.
    Waypoint: hopefully I have attraction so my compliance test is an answer of that routine if she doesnt give me a good answer Im still in A2 so I need more A2 material if she gives an answer than I use more qualifers and I reward her for good answers. SOI. Of course not always create more tension some push and pull here and there.

    One very hot target said your interesting. (HB 9)
    Me: Im not that easy is this your best line (I thought it was a fake IOI after my teasing, it was awesome for more tension, dont be afraid to lose the target when you are playful.

    For me its important to upload as much DHVs as possible this is the solid foundation for deeper attraction, the teasing is for buying temperature and only short shots) So I tell 2-5 another attraction storys to the group (I dont face the target and gave the obstacle more attention also one DLV to the target (Me: I gained so much fat last weeks, Im in good shape but I want to make sure that I dont brag in front of her) Calibration for me is routine selection I have a lot for different kind of girls....
    Most guys try to hard.... So the key is only show interest after the target shows interest first.
    I dont isolate because I rock the entire group. But Im going to change this in the future.

    PS: If you guys have comments or questions let me know. Or write a private message to me.
    I dont need validation here but this thread is for me to go through the entire six weeks.
    Sometimes I feel that fear because its hard to go out all by myself every fucking time.
    Several guys wanted to kick my ass again. (Im afraid of mix sets (boys/girls) so I did that most of the time.

    PPS: For comfort I highly recommend a nice routine by Hypnotica. I going to write that down later....also several AFC moments I had :no:

    PPPS: It's kind of funny sunday is my date day. The reward after the end of the week.

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    Conclusion after week 3

    First I wasted a lot of time. Several times I stood in front of a closed club. (3 times)
    If you like to start the MNM I highly recommend to find out the clubs where you find a lot of targets even during the week.

    I guess my sticking point is the emotional connection I got a lot of numbers but only a few dates after all.

    Also I had several aha moments, I used to much of psychological test routines and you get away with a lot of bullshit the delivery and the rhythm of the voice is the key... (yeah I guess we all know this but made oftentimes the mistake to rush over the routines.)

    Always good to listen carefully gave me a lot of feedback.

    It's a little weird I have the feeling to fall in love every week with another girl.

    btw. here is the about AMOG protection clip. It's very short only 3 minutes ...

    lol a friend sent me yesterday this lyrics by Kayne West:

    I think I fell in love with a porn star
    And got married in a bathroom
    Honeymoon on the dance floor
    And got divorced by the end of the night
    Thats one hell of a life

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    Conclusion after week 4

    I did a lot of day game, in week 4 because to catch up the sets. So at the end of the week 6 I want to be around 300 Sets.

    Of course it's important to learn from the sets with the hot girls, not a good idea to tease average looking girls. So all the warm up sets are not that useful

    My routine for the day is simple it is like this:

    instead of the positive cold read and the yes ladder I do a negative cold read for more tension. And a qualifier.
    So for the day I'm very direct I love the neg that comes with the opener.
    (I hate direct game but at the daytime the people are busy and on the way, it's a number game that stays out of control. indirect game is so much more effective)

    Today I have a date with a stewardess. (not that hot maybe HB 7, so not sure to cancel it, but she has a perfect body)

    After all a lot of numbers only a few dates.

    For week 5.
    I going to do more club game again. After the next week I going to write down another FR for you guys.

    I thought always the girl is the one which can choose the guy. But it is a good feeling
    to date week after week hot girls only by increasing the number of sets.
    So I don't need the approval of one girl I know at the end of the week I have a date with a hot girl no matter what.

    I know a game level 5 of seduction was a skill like a vampire. Why?
    Of course the vampire is so old and had approached that huge amount of girls.
    I guess some guys never approached 300 girls in their entire life.

    PS: I found cool finger rings that glow in the dark maybe a nice idea for more attention in the club.

    PPS: Fuck...a minute ago HB 8 canceled the date for wednesday.:-O

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    If you guys have comments let me know.
    Hope we can share here some experience and ideas

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