Ok, So this question is more directed to junior coaches and guys who took bootcamps , and who are familiar with the free gay lunch story. So can this be an added dhv piece to that story, here is the story in bullet points

I am at said restaurant in said city, when I try to pay the bill and the waiter says don't worry its been taken care of

So I ask who was it and the waiter says he cant say

So I look around and see some business lunches some guys and then in the corner I see one dude just staring at me

So I decided with said persons at the table I should thank him but tell him I am not gay

Now here is the dhv spike I added tell me if this sounds believable and second if it is a legit dhv spike

I actual walk up and sit a few seats down from the guy cuz I was nervous about confronting him, this doesnt happen often to guys, I decided to tell the girl next to me my plan and get her advice, but she just keep playing with her hair and asking me whats my name and laughing , she looked like she wanted to eat me than give advice so I just said fuck it

I man up and confront him and he says I dont kn0w what the hell you are talking about !!!

Thats the story (bullet points) with my added dhv spike (preselection) added in !!!

Any advice and criticism appreciated