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    Hi, I live in quite a conservative society. So I have AA with women I don't know. I study in a college but I can't go to clubs to meet people

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    Any idea with how to deal with parent daughter approaches?

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    My sticking point is approach anxiety, I am resisting the approach, afraid to approach and because I am not approaching enough I am not getting enough reference points for WHERE I can take the interaction after that so my game is going okay but I am not feeling that vibe that you feel after doing 1000 approaches and just knowing what to do and say next. I think I need to practice a routine stack and practice like 1000 times until i have my delivery down pat and I will see good results. I don't have a routine stack. Are there routines here online I can use to make a routine stack? Are there example routine stacks here on the forums I can start using RIGHT now???? Any good though out answers would be great. One Love

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    Hello LittleMikey!

    First, welcome to the forum. You will find many likeminded to share ideas and stories with here.

    Id like to tell you that your not alone in you AA, everyone, let me repeat, EVERYONE has approach anxiety. EVERYONE. You never get over over that you just learn to deal with it. One great way is the warm up - THE FIRST THREE SETS DONT COUNT. Thats it, you give yourself a way in, just open your mouth, talk to whoever. It doesn't matter, this is simply for you and you alone.

    The second part of getting over AA is to get into state BEFORE you approach. There are as many ways to get into state as there are people. Try listening to music, dancing, watching motivational videos whatever. What I'm trying to say is that its different for everyone and you need to find out what works for you.

    Right now you don't need to worry about reference points of where to take the interaction - that will come. You WILL feel the vibe, it comes with practice.

    A routine stack is GOLDEN. No question. There are MANY stacks online but the secret is that its not so complicated. Its really quite simple, its open, observe, A2, first qualifier which is followed by your first DHV. Don't use another mans DHV´s, they need to be your true stories and qualifiers.

    If you are really interested in creating a unique stack with the help of professionals id recommend the routine stack class. Ive taken it 3 times myself and its AMAZING. It truly is, it will explain each little part of the stack, the purpose WITH examples. You will get openers, observations, A2 pieces and transition material specifically FOR YOU. There really is nothing better out there. Every participant ends the class with a couple of pages with unique material, this material can be used with ANYONE ANYWHERE. You will get opener that works in ANY situation, transitions and qualifiers that is based on WHAT YOU WANT. The class speaks for itself. Those who take it are set for life, they have what they need. It will clearly demonstrate how you keep generating more and more material.

    Take care AND GOOD LUCK!

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    Hello everyone. So, I been approaching sets, and this is my analysis. The girl will either show that she is not interested, or be friendly and inviting.However, when i try going for the number close she makes up story about having a boyfriend. I tried being spontaneous and use my own material, because I feel the canned material just doesn't sounds authentic. I also noticed when sometimes I do use canned material and negging for a girl that is not interested, it doesn't make her attracted to me. I feel as if a woman doesn't like you, no matter what you say it wont change anything. What can I do to make the woman that is not attracted to me attracted to me? I tried some negging and DHVs and it doesn't work. I approach during the day

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    I been approaching girls during the day time and majority of time they don't give me any IOI. Sometimes I even stretch the conversation to half and hour to 45 minutes and still no IOIs. It seems to me that if they don't find you attractive, they just just don't show any IOIs. I tried using stack material being spontaneous, and still no IOI. What can I do to get them to show IOIs ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    First of all - congrats on being able to have such long conversations and staying in set for up to 45min.

    Having said that - You need to shift your focus from what he is NOT giving you to what you ARE DOING. You ask what you can do to change this - the only way anyone will ever be able to tell you what you do wrong is if you tell us exactly what you did. That is, write the interaction down, word by word and let us know exactly what you said.

    I can totally relate to how you feel, I also used to feel that it didnt matter what I said. They either are attracted to me or there not. But its not true, it just takes some practice

    Talk soon

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    So, I was out at the bar by myself. which oddly seems to work the best for me. most of the night was a failure but towards the end I saw a two set sitting at a table as people were leaving. I talked to them for a bit, made some jokes talked about the bar, etc. and got to leave with the two of them. my arms around their hips. they took me to their car and drove me home. one walked to the door with me and started making out with me. but I couldn't convince them to come inside to have a few more drinks and hangout. I got phone numbers and everything tho. what might I have done to get things to go the direction I wanted.

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    Ok guys last night i was at a dinner party at a university residence. Russian Girl.
    very shy girl. Ok after the chipchat, "what are you studing; where are you from" I used my opener: " can i have your opinion on something? there's my friend of mine that is dating this girl, but she doesn't allow him to talk with is Ex girlfriend; what do you think about it" and we start to talk. after a while i asked her: what would it take to you to break up with a man?" the answer? i don't wanna talk about that now!

    yes!! and i start to talk to her abuot body lenguage, and i started to "read her"; Some ESP. and it was going great! suddenly another dude showed up and star to talk to her!
    I stand up and in the smoking room and light myself a cigarette. 30s later she was next to meafter another few ESP i took of ! she said bay, and i went "hey this is end? like this? ok my heart is breaking but.. ok ! and she gave me her number!

    My question is: did that was to much? i pushed to hard for her number?
    and what i do now? should i call her? text her, wait for her to tex me?

    Thank you

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