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    FR: Bootcamp: Day 1 (1st FR: Long Post)

    I took a boot camp with Prophet and Derail. Thought I would share the highlights of the infield portion. This is my first time infield using the mystery method. The post is lengthy

    DAY 1: Opened 13 sets. We went to 3 locations

    Location 1: Bar /Meet market

    First was a warm up location. Right away felt AA but I pretended that this was just a videogame, that none of this was really real.

    (First set): I opened a girl by herself, her friends had veered off for some reason. It is was a little nerve wracking because I had just learned the opener only few hours ago. And I was trying to remember what to say, got through it eventually. Not much of a reaction. She answered my opener and I moved on.

    (5 set) (4 females, 1 male): opened a set of four girls then halfway through my opener. The guy of group walks in and says, "Hey what is going on here." I took a moment to acknowledge him, shook his hand and introduced myself. Derail came in and pulled me out of the set.

    (2 set): Blonde and Brunette heading up the stairs. I started my opener and she kept saying, "I can't hear you". I repeated myself at my loudest possible voice. She still told me the same thing. Then she told her friend let's go.

    The remaining sets were good. They listened to my opener and were generally polite. I pulled back when I didn't feel I hit that social hook point. I got some awesome feedback from Prophet about smiling more, delivery and voice projection.

    Location 2: We hit a lounge which had a more laid back atmosphere.

    (4 set): I approached a set of Japanese girls. It was funny because they hardly understood a word of English. So I tried to use my opener and spent more of time explaining what I was talking about. Derail went in bit later and tried to chat with them and told me, "yup they can't speak English"

    (4 set): Engaged a four set at the bar. One of them looks me over from head to toe. I start my opener and they turn their back on me. I persisted but the blonde of the group told me that the conversation was finished. I framed her response as good feedback: You hesitated on your delivery and you need more enthusiasm in what you have to say to keep us interested.

    (2 set): Best set of the night: I approached an Asian girl and her brunette friend. Did the opener and IVD and the best friend test. That best friend's test was the real hook. I ran a DHV. But after that I ran out of what to say. Prophet told me afterwards that they were giving lot of IOIs open body language, leaning into me to hear what I was saying. A few takeaways from that was I should have DHV the obstacle the Asian girl and negged the target. All in all it was good getting to that hook point and IOIs

    Location 3: Went to another bar

    ​(2 set): A russian girl and her friend. I was not sure if the Russian girl understood what I said because she was nodding politely and did'nt answer my opener. The other one was completely submerged into her cellphone. I cut the thread. Derail jumped in and started chatting with russian girl.

    Final set ( 4 asian girls seated outside): I ran my opener, IVD and Derail and Prophet came in introduced them. They ran a number of gambits. I was observing more at this point and joined it at certain points. Honestly we were just toying with them. I was not particular interested in anyone but it was good practice.

    Lessons Learned: Overall Day 1 was great learning experience and it was fun. My AA was fluctuating and I was getting tired near the night which was slowing down my delivery a bit. Found out the areas I needed to improve and was going address them better in Day 2. The most valuable insight that I gained from Prophet and Derail was reframing a given experience from a negative to a form of constructive feedback. I initially thought the opener would be tough but the real challenge at this stage was getting to the social hook point.

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    FR: Bootcamp: Day 1 (1st FR: Long Post)

    Yup I read whole long post and its good really good I impress specially what you writing about from negative reframing to positive. And 13 sets its whoa I think a lot great.

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    FR: Bootcamp: Day 1 (1st FR: Long Post)

    Thanks XsPoison. I'm glad you found the post interesting.

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