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    advice on breaking up

    Breaking up with girlfriend this weekend. How can I make it hurt less (for her)?

    * Keep it short and direct.
    * Tell her why I'm doing it.
    * Which of her insecurities have nothing to do with it.
    * Don't blame. It's not about being right or wrong but about everyone having their needs met.
    * That I'm doing it now so that she doesn't get any more attached to me before it happens.

    Any other suggestions?

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    advice on breaking up

    It is important that you do it in person, not through the phone, skype, etc.

    Just be clear and concise when you do it, but most importantly don't lie to her. Tell her your honest feelings and that you care and respect her.

    Other than that, be very careful after the split up. Do not engage in casual conversations with her or establish contact shortly after the break up. After the end of a relationship, it is best for both of you to stop talking or seeing each other, as it gives time for the ones involved to forget one another and "heal".

    The split up itself may be a reason for her to have resentment or be mad at you, so try to make it the less painful by not creating any false hopes of you two coming back together or sending mixed signals.

    Overall, remember that honesty and respect are key.


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